Course Requirements

  • PUAD-605 Problem Solving for Managers (3) or PUAD-601 Methods of Problem Solving I (3)
  • PUAD-610 Management Analysis (3)
  • PUAD-612 Public Administration in the Policy Process (3)
  • PUAD-630 Public Managerial Economics (3)
  • PUAD-653 The Individual and the Organization (3)

Two courses from the following:

  • PUAD-609 Topics in Public Management (3)
  • PUAD-611 Government and Non-Profit Institutions (3) or PUAD-696 ITEC 636 MIS for Public/Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • PUAD-615 Public-Private Partnerships (3)
  • PUAD-617 Project Management (3)
  • PUAD-650 Leadership in a Changing Workplace (3)
  • PUAD-652 Facilitation and Team Development (3)
  • PUAD-665 Human Resource Management Strategies
  • One WCL course, if pre-approved by MPA Advisor
  • One course in public finance, budgeting or financial management from the following, with other options provided by the MPA advisor: PUAD-631 Financing Government Services (A or B) (3); PUAD-632 Budget and Cost Analysis (3); or PUAD-633 Financial Aspects of Public Management (3)

Area of concentration (15-18 credit hours)

Students should consult their MPA advisor about selection of these courses. This requirement may be completed through courses at the law school, so long as the approved SPA graduate credits add up to at least 24. Students may also design their own concentration by consulting with faculty and their academic advisor. Areas include: law and government; public financial management; state and local administration; international management; policy analysis; human resource management; policy analysis; human resource management; arts management; non-profit management; informational systems management; management consulting; and public management.

Students just beginning their careers are strongly encouraged to participate in a supervised internship through either the Department of Public Administration and Policy or the Law School.

Required Law Coursework

  • LAW-601 Administrative Law (3-4)
  • Completion of 80 credits of coursework required for the JD