Notary Services at AUWCL

PLEASE NOTE: Due to American University's expanded telework mandate for employees as a response to COVID-19, members of the AU community seeking notary services are instructed to utilize other means, as WCL facilities are closed and our notaries are unavailable at this time.

WCL notaries are not participating in any of the electronic notarization services that some bar jurisdictions are advising students to utilize. 

For information regarding options for notarization for apostille purposes, please contact the D.C. Office of the Secretary for more information.

Please contact the notary to confirm availability prior to arrival.

Perry Plybon
Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Capital 107
9am-12pm, 2-5pm Monday-Friday
During exam periods by appointment only

Milagro Ventura
Senior Administrative Assistant, Criminal Justice Clinic
Yuma 265-01
1-5pm Monday-Friday

Cindy Robertson
Acquisitions, Pence Law Library
Warren 282
8am to 10:30am Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

**All notaries require valid photo ID, either government issued or AUID. No exceptions.**