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Report 1 - November 2007 - Victim Participation Before the ICC
Report 2 - January 2008 - Interlocutory Appellate Review of Early Decisions by the ICC
Report 3 - March 2008 - The Gravity Threshold of the ICC
Report 4 - July 2008 - Protecting the Rights of Future Accused During the Investigation Stage of ICC Operations
Report 5 - October 2008 - The Confirmation of Charges Process at the International Criminal Court
Report 6 - February 2009 - Victim Participation at the Case Stage of Proceedings
Report 7 - July 2009 - Witness Proofing at the ICC
Report 8 - August 2009 - The Relationship Between the ICC and the United Nations
Report 9 - October 2009 - The Relevance of "A Situation" to the Admissibility and Selection of Cases Before the ICC
Report 10 - November 2009 - Defining the Case Against an Accused Before the ICC: Whose Responsibility Is It?
Report 11 - May 2010 - The Practice of Cumulative Charging at the ICC
Report 12 - June 2010 - The Case-Based Reparations Scheme at the ICC
Report 13 - September 2010 - Modes of Liability and the Mental Element: Analyzing the Early Jurisprudence of the ICC
Report 14 - June 2011 - Expediting Proceedings at the International Criminal Court
Report 15 - December 2011 - Ensuring Effective and Efficient Representation of Victims at the ICC
Report 16 - October 2012 - Investigative Management, Strategies, and Techniques of the International Criminal Court's Office of the Prosecutor

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To encourage reform of policies or procedures at the ICC
As a source for governmental, academic or NGO research
To apply lessons learned at the ICC to another court or jurisdiction

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