SECLE Materials

Anatomy of Justice An Honest Conversation on the Criminal Justice System in 2017

File Name Size
101.K. Henning Criminalizing Normal Adolescent Behavior.pdf1356095
102.K. Henning- Juvenile Court.pdf4419762
103.Craig Lerner Juvenile Criminal Responsability.pdf639070
104.C. Lerner - Miller v. Alabama.pdf414357
105.P. Puritz Washington Post Article.pdf72461
201.J. Richard Broughton Death Penalty Justice Scalias Lines.pdf273460
202.Broughton The Second Death of Capital Punishment.pdf164579
203.Timothy Lewis Supreme Court must stand against race bias Column.pdf923728
204.MacDougall Brief Holmes v. South Carolina.pdf213560
205.Timothy Lewis amicus brief Banks v. Cockrell.pdf168094
301.Fairfax Jr. Indigent Defense Crisis.pdf275368
302.Marc Mauer Prison Journal - racial disparity.pdf271494
302a.Mauer Book Report Race to Incarcerate A Graphic Retelling The Sentencing Project.pdf118449
302b.Mauer Addressing-Racial-Disparities-in-Incarceration.pdf271497
303.Marc Mauer Integration-Debate-Two-Tiered-Justice.pdf9589061
304.Hutchins Stop Terry.pdf154104
305.Russell-Brow Racial Profiling- A Status Report of the Legal Legislative and.pdf1234725
401.EDWARDS v. COFIELD Case No. 3 17-CV-321-WKW... 20170717541 Leagle.pdf109378
401a.Edwards v Cofield.pdf94358
402.Hubbard Edwards v. Cofield Complaint 2017 WL 2215032.pdf998744
404.Logvin Pretrial PPT SPC 4-13-17.pdf2115865
405.Freedom and Money – Bail in America Pretrial Services Agency.pdf439759
Program Agenda.FINAL - AULR Annual Symposium-4.pdf5035922
Table of contents.pdf127163