Textbook orders are generally placed two (2) months before classes begin.

Orders may be submitted electronically using the electronic adoption form located here.

Maintain a copy of your textbook order for your records. The WCL Textbook Coordinator will send you a confirmation once your order is received. Subsequent information pertaining to the status will also be provided. Contact the WCL Textbook Coordinator at wcltextbooks@wcl.american.edu with any questions.

It is recommended that you provide complete textbook information (including the correct edition number and ISBN, if available) on your syllabus and post the information on MyWCL. Students can then exercise their best option for purchasing textbooks.

The following details should be considered, as they may complicate the processing of your request:


If the edition of the textbook is important, indicate the specific edition you prefer (see information about ISBN below). If you want the most recent edition available, please indicate as such on the form.

ISBN Number

An accurate ISBN number is critical for a timely order. Please remember that the ISBN number is unique to the edition – double check that your edition request and ISBN number are compatible.

Books from Foreign Press

Books from foreign press often take up to four weeks longer to process, so please order as early as possible.

First Reading Assignments

Faculty members should also consider having the first reading assignment available electronically in the event of a delay. For more information about options, please see your administrative assistant. Adjunct faculty may contact adjunctsupport@wcl.american.edu to have materials posted electronically to the MyWCL course page.