The Spring Qualifying Tournament ("SQT") is the competition in which Moot Court Honor Society chooses its new set of team members.


Registration for the 2017 Moot Court Spring Qualifying Tournament Opens on January 19!

Please follow this link to register beginning January 19: registration

Important SQT Dates:

January 19:

  • SQT Registration Opens - Competitors can register via the above link

January 27:

  • Online Registration Ends
  • SQT Appellate Problem Released 

January 30: 

  • Info Sessions at 12:00pm (Y402) & 10:00pm (Y403)

February 2:

  • Info Sessions at 12:00pm (Y402) & 10:00pm (Y402)

February 9:

  • Briefs due at 8:00pm

February 11:

  • Oral Arguments

February 17:

  • Offers extended

Helpful Documents and Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates


Q: What do I have to do to try out?

A: Tryouts are comprised of a written and oral component. You will turn in your trial court brief from Legal Rhetoric as your written component and your oral argument will be an appeal from decision in the trial court.

Q: Will this affect my Rhetoric grade?

A: No. Although Moot Court is working with the Rhetoric Department for tryouts, your Rhetoric grades will not be affected by the tryouts.

Q: When will the record for the oral argument be released?

A: January 27th.

Q: Does it cost anything to try out?

A: Yes, $20.

Q: If I drop out, do I get my $20 back?

A: No, this is a non-refundable deposit.

Q: I am a 2L, what do I turn in for my writing component?

A: You will write a trial court brief based off of the Rhetoric 1L problem. As soon as you sign up, we will send you the materials and you may begin writing. Although you will have less time to write than the 1Ls, the time difference is balanced out by your experience and great knowledge of the law. If you are a 2L Legal Rhetoric Dean's Fellow, please email the SQT Directors as different directions apply to you.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact