Sep 20 Thu

War Crimes Research Office Moot Court Info Session

12:00PM - 01:00PM Tenley Campus - Warren NT07 Classroom

The WCRO will hold an information session on its international criminal and humanitarian law moot court competitions on Thursday, September 20 at 12:00 PM in Warren NT07. Each year, the WCRO coaches teams for three competitions: the Jean-Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition; the Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition; and the International Criminal Court Moot Competition. WCRO Staff will give an overview of each competition, how to apply to participate on a team, and what preparation for each competition entails. Former team members will be present to discuss their experiences.


While you must be a 2 or above to compete, 1Ls are invited to join the session and hear about the opportunities as they plan their next two years.


War Crimes Research Office

Matt Bowers


Washington College of Law
Tenley Campus - Warren NT07 Classroom
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Washington DC