May 24 Fri

The Datafied Society: Challenges for Communications and Legal Theory

08:00AM - 07:00PM Tenley Campus - Warren NT01 Ceremonial Classroom
The growth of automated data collection and processing, and its installation within contemporary  social economic and political orders has created huge challenges: for protecting fundamental rights and values such as freedom and autonomy, for understanding the connections between communications and social order, for key democratic and societal processes such as the law, and potentially for the very legitimacy and authority of legal decision-making. All of these challenges generate a wider question about what would justice look like in the realm of data.

This proposed ICA [one-day] pre-conference aims to bring together communications scholars with legal scholars for  discussions about latest developments and practical and theoretical ways forward in the face of these challenges. It will be supported by the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics, the Data Justice Lab.


Information Justice & Intellectual Property

Sean Flynn


Washington College of Law
Tenley Campus - Warren NT01 Ceremonial Classroom
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Washington DC