A government of the people, by the people, and for the people means we need informed attorneys who can reinvigorate democratic practices and improve the rule of law. The American University Washington College of Law Master of Laws in Law and Government (LL.M.) will prepare you to grasp the issues that are at the intersection of law, politics, and all levels of government through a broad-based examination of public law in the United States.

This is an LL.M. with a difference. Designed for both domestic and international law graduates who have a strong interest in U.S. government and politics, the dynamics of democracy, and the meaning of the rule of law, the LL.M. in Law and Government takes students on a broad and deep examination of the most important public policy issues of the time. Our organizing educational principle is that the best prepared lawyers and analysts in fields of regulatory law not only have a firm grasp of particular subjects, but also a mastery of theories, political forces, and institutional realities that define public law in the United States.

The complete Law & Government Curriculum is available online. Students can choose from any course within the approved curriculum and can further specialize in the topics listed below.

Areas of Specialization

Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice

Civil & Constitutional Rights

Business & Financial Regulation

New York and DC Bar Track Information

Individualized Specialization

12 Credit Certificate Program

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