WCRO Co-Hosts Expert Meeting on Strategic Litigation on Gender-Based Violence in Latin America

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On 21 and 22 October, War Crimes Research Office Director Susana SáCouto and Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Co-Director Claudia Martin co-hosted a two-day online expert meeting with colleagues from the Women's Rights and Gender Section of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University on Strategic Litigation on Gender-Based Violence in Latin America. The event was divided into four closed online sessions during which legal practitioners, including litigators, prosecutors and judges, discussed issues relating to charging strategies, modes of liability, reparations, and the implementation of judicial decisions in cases of gender-based violence arising in contexts of repression and insecurity in the region. UN representatives, diplomatic personnel and private donors were invited to join and participate in the last of these sessions, focused on strategies to best support victims in these cases and the links between strategic litigation and feminist movements.