Professor Anderson Quoted in Bloomberg Law Article ‘Clear Pathway’ Out of Waco Seen Emerging for Patent Defendants

Aneeta Mathur-Ashton
September 24, 2021

Jonas Anderson

Jonas Anderson, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Scholarship at American University Washington College of Law was quoted in the Bloomberg Law article ‘Clear Pathway’ Out of Waco Seen Emerging for Patent Defendants.

The article focuses on blueprint that is developing for companies seeking to get their cases moved out of Waco, Texas, a location that has become the “nation’s fledgling patent dispute hotbed.”

Judge Alan Albright has denied almost 80% of requests from defendants arguing other districts are more convenient, a statistic that is “well above average in patent suits.”

Albright has also transformed his “U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas courtroom from one rarely involved in patent cases to a national epicenter, fielding almost 800 new patent lawsuits last year alone.”

“When the Federal Circuit first overturned one of Albright’s transfer rulings in July 2020, the judge had denied 13 of the 15 motions he saw. In the 11-months after that ruling, defendants’ success rate saw an uptick, with six of 22 requests granted, according to data Gugliuzza and American University’s Jonas Anderson collected.

Other appeals court opinions, including a November ruling instructing a suit against Apple Inc. be sent to the Northern District of California, have put more meat on the legal framework for transfer requests, attorneys say.”

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