New Directions in Intellectual Property Law – Redefining Boundaries, Institutions and Practice 

February 13, 12:15-1:30pm
Room TBA

AUWCL Professors will moderate a discussion of recent and proposed changes in intellectual property legislation, court decisions and administrative practice that will profoundly affect the field. Topics for discussion may include proposals to re-organize the Copyright Office and amend the Copyright Act, recent and pending legislative reform in patent law, developments in trademark law, including recent jurisprudence of the federal courts, and proposals for changes in international intellectual property law through trade agreements and in the World Intellectual Property Organization. Alumni will be invited to reflect on how these and other changes are affecting their practice and what advice they have for students entering the field.

Moderators: Michael Carroll, Vicki Philips, and Peter Jaszi

Alumni Participants

Jessi Patton
Alex Diaz-Ferguson
Sarfraz Keshwani
Hugh Clarke
Suzanne Mager
Mary Gray
James Miller
Erika Marin
Ricardo Pitts-Wiley
Iris Rosario
Jeffrey Rhodes
Natasha Sivananjaiah
Dana Justus
Charles Frank
VinyciusRodrigues Faleiros
Zachary Gold
Meaghan Shirk
Robert M. Simon, Esq.
Elissa Levin
Calanit Kedem
James Ollen-Smith
Gregory Melus
Elizabeth Small
Jennifer Koduru
Camille Stewart
Paulo Gusmao
Stephanie Bald