Online Course on American Legal Institutions

February 24 - May 29, 2020

This online certificate course introduces participants to the legal institutions of U.S. law. Over the course of this 14-week course, students obtain a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts of U.S. legal practice. Students will learn about legal concepts such as how the American legal system is rooted in common law, how state and federal legislatures derive their power to pass laws, and how the legal profession is a self-governing profession that follows rules of ethics and professional conduct.

Particular emphasis is devoted to those fields of U.S. law that are relevant to legal practice. Students taking this course will be able to understand the general legal requirements, problems and challenges of doing business in the U.S. and to communicate effectively with counterpart counsel representing clients in the U.S. The legal fields covered include constitutional law, federal courts and jurisdiction, civil procedure, torts, contracts, criminal law, alternative dispute resolution, remedies, statutory interpretation, and professional responsibility.

After taking this course students will:

  • Evaluate select areas of U.S. Law and the legal institutions that impact the law
  • Analyze common legal problems and challenges that might be encountered in practice
  • Apply key legal terms
  • Evaluate which court or agency has jurisdiction over a particular issue
  • Analyze ethical issues related to the practice of law in the United Sates
  • Evaluate various forms of dispute resolution

This online course is particularly geared towards lawyers practicing law in other countries and who have client matters that require them to interact with U.S. agencies or private entities, such as banks, law firms, and businesses. Whatever your long-term career objectives, this course will in the short-term help you acquire a good understanding of fundamental U.S. law concepts that will help you thrive in your global practice.

This course will not grant you a license to practice law in the United States, but will give you an overview of common legal issues that arise in the United States.