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Interview with Agustina Perez '21

Agustina Perez is a 2021 graduate of the International Legal Studies program with a specialization in International Environmental Law. Her main area of practice is project finance, and she is a senior associate and has been working in Ferrere for almost 10 years. We asked her about her time at WCL and advice she has for current and prospective students.

Give us a brief overview of your career and any plans for the future.

Since March 2012, I have been working in the Energy & Infrastructure Department of Ferrere Abogados, a regional law firm with offices in Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, under the direct supervision of its leader Gonzalo Secco. As part of said department, I have participated in the finance, installation and operation of Energy projects (for example, wind and solar parks and high tension line’s projects), which are owned and/or developed by multinational companies.

I am always striving to improve my education, and that is why I attended the Summer Program in Environmental and Energy Law and then studied a Master of Laws in International Legal Studies with specialization in International Environmental Law, both offered by AUWCL. Such academic experience strongly encouraged me to pursue a job position in the United States. And recently I was selected for the Foreign Trainee Program of Holland & Knight, and I will start next August 2022.

Can you talk about your time at AUWCL?

AUWCL gave me a partial scholarship to study my LLM, and with that decision my dream came true. I see AUWCL as the place where everybody with strong will and persistence can succeed and achieve his/her goals.

Furthermore, I would like to mention Professor Hunter, who encouraged me to attend the Summer Program and then pursued my LLM. He trusted in my capacity and honored his words, and I will always be grateful for that. He taught me how important is environment in our life and made my interest in Environmental Law became higher. I encourage all international lawyers to explore this program and see that there are financial aid and do not feel that financial sources would be an obstacle.

Classes with Professor Shapiro are memorable as well. I learned legal concepts but also life advises. He is an open person that is always available to give you some advice. I am quite grateful for having the opportunity to attend his classes and even more to know him. If some day I decide to be a professor, I would like to follow his model for sure. 

What would be your advice for a student starting their LL.M. at AUWCL?

Just be yourself and take advantage of the experience, academically and personally. Do not be shy or afraid with your English and participate in class. Your participation will be highly worthy by professors, but also JD students that will learn about international regulation. Also, be involved in extracurricular activities since it will give you the opportunity to know people and start with your network. Contact professors or students, the worst thing that may happen is that you do not receive an answer, but at least you tried.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to encourage all to study abroad, especially the ones that are mothers/fathers and may see that as an obstacle. I attended the Summer Program with my four years old son Tommy and I pursued my LLM being pregnant and Joaquin was born four days after my graduation. You can do it and don’t be afraid!