Previous Winners

2011- Ms. Jasmine Pierce*
"It's Not Just a 'Black Thing:' Black Women in the Law and Issues of Double Identity and Discrimination" 

2010- Ms. Danielle Ives*
“Combat in an Age of Terror: The Military Necessity of Women in Combat Roles in Iraq and Afghanistan”

2009- Ms. Thea Johnson*
“Guaranteed Access to Safe and Legal Abortions: The True Revolution of Mexico City's Legal Reforms Regarding Abortion”

2008- Ms. Michelle Larson-Krieg*
"Comparable Worth in Minnesota and Ontario:  Implications for U.S. Policy"

2007- Ms .Wendy Yang*
"Is Recognizing the Monetary Value of Housework Sufficient in Achieving Gender Equality: Assessing Taiwan's §1003-1 and §1018-1’s potential impact on Taiwan's road toward gender equality"

2006- Monica S. Devens*
"Wartime Sex Crimes as 'War Crimes' and 'Crimes Against Humanity': A Developing International Understanding'

2005- Ms. Gina Zejdlik*
"Human Trafficking in Italy and The United States" - a Comparative Analysis"

2004- Ms. Dana V. Kaplan*
"Women of the West: The evolution of marital property laws in the southwestern United States and their effect on Mexican-American women"

2003- Mr. Eric Bentley*
" How Title IX Should be Interpreted to Afford Women the Opportunities They Deserve in Intercollegiate Athletics"
Published in the Sports Lawyer Journal
Vol.11 Page 89 (2004)

"Easing the Burden for Female Refugees: The I.N.S. Must Adhere to New International Asylum Standards Regarding Gender-Related Persecution"

2001: Ms. Shefali Milczarek-Desa*
"(Re)Locating Other/Third World Women: An Alternative Approach to Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez's Construction of Gender, Culture and Identity"
Published in UCLA Women's Law Journal
Vol.13 Page 235 (2003-2005)

2000: Mr. Jeff Redding*
"Confronting the Limits of Allah: A History and Liberal Feminist Analysis of Pakistan's Law of Divorce for Women"

1999: Mr. Navid Dayzad*
"The Unfulfilled Promise of Oncale: An Examination of and Proposed Solution to the Disparity Between Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Sexual Harassment Law"

1998: Ms. Jennifer S. Hendricks*
"Congressional Enforcement of Women's Equality and Citizenship Under the Fourteenth Amendment"
Published in the Texas Journal of Women & Law
Vol.8 Page 51 (1998-1999)

1997: Ms. Ronnie L Podolefsky*
"The Illusion of Suffrage: Female Voting Rights and the Women's Poll Tax Repeal Movement After the Nineteenth Amendment"
Published in the Notre Dame Law Review
Vol. 73 Page 839 (1997-1998)

1996: Ms. Joan Weiner*
"Understanding Unwelcomeness in Sexual Harassment Law: Its History and a Proposal for Reform"
Published in the Notre Dame Law Review
Vol. 72 Page 621 (1996-1997)

1995: Ms. Kim Wade*
"Peer Sexual Harassment in Schools: Model Title IX Guidelines"

1994: Ms. Tamara Tompkins*
"Prosecuting Rape as a War Crime: Speaking the Unspeakable"
Published in the Notre Dame Law Review
Vol. 70 Page 845 (1994-1995)

* Subject to U.S. Copyright. Do not publish or reprint without permission of the author.