2008 News and Events

November 13, 2008
Seeing the Invisible: Spotting Gender Issues in First Year Courses

November 10, 2008
Question & Answer Discussion with Gender and Law Faculty

November 1, 2008
Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities Outreach Training

October 21, 2008
Taking the Heat: How Brenda Berkman Used the Courts to Open Fire Fighting Opportunities to Women and in the Process Altered Government Policy (webcast)

October 14, 2008
Prosecuting Sexual and Gender-based Crimes before International/ized Criminal Courts (webcast)

October 13, 2008
The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo- A Film by Lisa F. Jackson

September 26, 2008
Bringing Human Rights Home: Building Proactive Policy to Ensure Racial and Gender Equity

September 17, 2008
Gender, Justice and Sexuality in Latin America

April 4, 2008
Fifth Annual Symposium on IP/Gender: Mapping the Connections (webcast)

  • Introduction
  • Questioning Assumptions
  • Interrogating Theory
  • Engendering Practice

February 18, 2008
When Law Meets OB GYN: The Intersection of Jurisprudence and Medical Ethics in Women’s Health

February 11, 2008
The Alice Paul Feminist Jurisprudence Essay Contest Award Reception

January 30, 2008
Creating & Protecting Families: Challenges and Fresh Perspectives

January 23, 2008
Do You Dream of Arguing Before the Supreme Court?