Class of 2015 Fellows

Alexandra Arango
Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights

Alexandra El-Bayeh
U.S. Copyright Office - Office of Registration Policy & Practice

Amber Lee
AARP Foundation Litigation

Amina Haleem
Minority Rights Group International

Anne Berry
Metropolitan Public Defender Office of Nashville & Davidson County**

Aravind Sreenath
Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Democratic Health Policy Office

Benjamin Allen
United States International Trade Commission

Breanne Hoke
National Music Publishers' Association

Charles H. Gibbons
Defending Dissent Foundation

Cori Stedman
Broadcasting Board of Governors

David Beverly

National Basketball Players Association ("NBPA")

Deanna Glickman
Robeson County Public Defender**

Diana Damschroder
American Civil Liberties Union National Prison Project

Elizabeth Bookwalter
Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia*

Erica Asbell
Bayview/Hunters Point Community Legal

Gena Rinaldi

University Legal Services

Hurmayonne Morgan

Prince George's County, MD State's Attorney Office

Jake Brody

James Hekel
Gandhi & Associates

James S. Rios
U.S. Department of Energy - Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Environment

Jarrad Wood
DC Court of Appeals

Jeffrey Matus
15th Judicial District Public Defender**

Joey Kavanagh
Maryland Office of the Public Defender

Jonathan Armour
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

Jonathan Fogg
Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office

Kristin Lockhart
Department of Homeland Security, Office of General Counsel

Kristina Ramos
Wage Justice Center

Mary Kwan
Law Office of Brian Esser

Merve Stolzman
American Red Cross

Nick Steiner
ACLU of Maryland

Nicole Littell Diop

Nicole Moriniere
European Court of Justice / World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency

Pamela Disney
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Phillip Yoffe
Oceana Inc.

Pious Ahuja
Asylum Access/Victims Support Section of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (VSS/ECCC)

Rachel Feuer
Maryland Office of the Public Defender

Rachel Johnson
Open City Advocates

Rahma Hussein
Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights

Rashad Abelson
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Robert Carter Paret
International Criminal Court

Robert Maes
Shelby County Public Defender**

Ryan Van Olst
Kelly IP LLP

Sarah Goetz
American Civil Liberties Union National Prison Project

Semira N. Nikou
Office of the United States Trade Representative

Shaina Lamchick Hagen
Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

Siobhan Siaca
U.S. Department of Energy

Stephanie Kurose
Center for Biological Diversity

Stephanie Rebolo
American Red Cross

Vincent Bruni
Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office

Paula Cortes
Maggio + Kattar