Meet the Alumni

Meet the ILSP Alumni Liaisons:

ILSP Alumni Liaisons are alumni volunteers who lead Alumni Chapters all over the world. They offer alumni additional opportunities to interact with and support each other professionally, as well as plan social events. There are currently Liaisons in all the countries listed below. As a graduate of the International Legal Studies Program, you are eligible to participate in one of the established Alumni Chapters or, if there is no chapter in your region, you are welcome to serve as an Alumni Liaison and start an Alumni Chapter where you are. For more information about the Alumni Liaison program, please e-mail

Current ILSP Liaison Officers

Alumni Profiles:

Alumni of the International Legal Studies Program come from all over the world, and have experiences in a number of different practice areas. Many of our alumni have gone on to hold significant positions as judges, international attorneys, diplomats, business leaders, policy makers, as well as advocates for various international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations. In addition to the alumni profiles shown below, please visit our testimonials page for more information on the ILSP experience. Distinguished alumni are also often featured in the Global Network alumni magazine.