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Professor Emeritus

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Michael Tigar is research professor of law. He holds expertise in Constitutional Law; Supreme Court; French legal system; criminal law and procedure; human rights. He is fluent in French. Tigar represented Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma City bombing trial. One of the most renowned lawyers in the country today, he has argued seven cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and more than 100 appellate cases. Tigar has written extensively about litigation, aspects of trial practice, criminal law, the death penalty, and the role of the criminal defense lawyer. His books include Fighting Injustice (ABA, 2002); Federal Appeals: Jurisdiction and Practice; and Examining Witnesses. In addition, he has written several plays about famous trials. Throughout his career, Tigar has been active in pro bono cases, the American Bar Association, continuing legal education programs, and international human rights. During the apartheid period, he went to South Africa to train black lawyers. Prior to joining AU, Tigar served as a professor at the University of Texas Law School.

Professor Tigar's blog can be found at tigarbytes.blogspot.com.

Currently Teaching

There are no classes currently associated with this professor.

Areas of Specialization

  • Comparative Law
  • Federal Courts
  • International Law
  • Litigation
  • Criminal Law

Degrees & Universities

  • J.D., University of California at Berkeley 1966
  • B.A., University of California at Berkeley 1962

  • + Selected Publications

    • Books

    • Michael Tigar, Thinking About Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties in Times of National Emergency (ABA 2007).
    • Michael Tigar & Jane B. Tigar, Mastering the Craft of Trial Advocacy (2006 ed., Prof. Educ. Group 2006).
    • Michael Tigar, Examining Witnesses (2d ed., ABA 2003).
    • Michael Tigar, Fighting Injustice (Am. B. Assn. 2002).
    • Michael Tigar, Persuasion: The Litigator's Art (Am. B. Assn. 1999).
    • Michael Tigar & M. Levy, Law and the Rise of Capitalism (Monthly Rev. Press 1977) (reprinted in Spanish and Portugese translations published in 1978, Greek translation published 1980, Chinese translation published 1997).
    • Other Publications

    • Empowering the Jury (16 one-hour DVD series) (Prof. Educ. Group, Inc. 2005) (DVD).
    • Michael Tigar, 'Academic Freedom' and 'Conscientious Objection' essays, in The Oxford Companion to the United States Supreme Court (Oxford U. Press 1992).
    • Michael Tigar, Book Review: Bell, D. And We Are Not Saved, The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice, 73 Am B. Assn. J. 146 (1987).
    • Michael Tigar, Play, The Trial of John Peter Zenger, A Play in Four Scenes (Commissioned by the Section of Litigation, Am. B. Assn., Waldorf Astoria Hotel Starlight Roof, N.Y.C., N.Y., Aug. 10, 1986) (reprinted in Revived at New York Historical Society, 1989).
    • Michael Tigar & A.J. Doyle, Jr., International Exchange of Information in Criminal Cases, 1983 Mich. Yearbook of Intl. Leg. Stud. 61 (1983).
    • Michael Tigar, Can We Be Equal and Free?, in The Unfinished Revolution (Snow, ed., Bos. Globe 1976).
    • Michael Tigar & R. Zweben, Selective Service: Some Certain Problmes and Some Tentative Answers, 37 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 433 (1969).
    • Michael Tigar, Practice Manual, in Selective Service Law Reporter (Pub. L. Educ. Inst. 1968).
    • Michael Tigar, Book Review:: Williamson, E.G., The American Student's Freedom of Expression, 4 L. Transition Q. 163 (1967).
  • + Selected Works in Progress

    • Michael Tigar, Thinking About Terror (ABA Press forthcoming).
    • Michael Tigar & Angela Jordan Davis, Trial Advocacy Stories (Found. Press forthcoming 2007).
  • + Selected Presentations

  • + Selected Projects

    • Michael Tigar, Litigation as a Faustian Bargain, Litigation (forthcoming, 2002).
    • Michael Tigar & I. Heyman, Book Review: Sokol, R. Federal Habeas Corpus, 35 Cal. L. Rev. 911 (1965).

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