Supervised Externship Program

Fall 2016 WCL Practice Area Externship Fairs

Claudio Grossman Hall

The WCL Externship Program is sponsoring three Externship Fairs this Fall for upper level students interested in pursuing a career in one of these specific practice areas. We have invited a wide range of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, trade associations, courts and private firms who are eager to meet WCL students. These fairs will offer an intimate setting for meaningful conversations with employers to discover your next externship/internship opportunity. Employers will be seeking externs and interns for Spring, Summer and Fall 2017. Some paid internships may be available. Contact the externship office for more information.

Student registration is required:

Business, Finance, Tax, Health, Intellectual Property, & Communications Law

Thursday, September 29, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Criminal Law: Prosecution & Defense

Wednesday, October 5, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Labor, Employment, Immigration, Family, Gender, Education Law

Thursday, October 20, 5:00 – 6:30 pm




Among the many advantages of studying law in Washington, D.C. is the opportunity to integrate practical experience with the theory of the classroom. The WCL Externship Program provides students the opportunity to receive academic credit for substantive legal work and to reflect on their experience through seminars conducted by a broad cross-section of WCL full time and adjunct faculty.

During their study at WCL, students can earn a maximum of six credits for field placements and six credits for seminar/supervision. Students must enroll in one seminar credit AND one field credit every time they extern.

Through the program, students find innumerable opportunities to gain valuable on-the-job experience by participating in fieldwork placements within any:

  • federal, state or local government agency,
  • federal, state, or administrative court/tribunal
  • not-for-profit organization, or,
  • law firm, only if they are assigned exclusively to pro bono projects

To maximize the learning opportunity of the fieldwork, students must be supervised by an attorney and must be engaged in substantive legal work. The sponsoring organization must agree to offer students the educational experience and work assignments they would receive as a beginning lawyer at that organization. To optimize the experience, students must work on site and may not work remotely.

The Honorable Stephanie Duncan-Peters meets with her extern
The Honorable Stephanie Duncan-Peters meets with her extern

The Externship Program enables students to explore various career options and other facets of becoming a lawyer, providing direction and insight for their postgraduate legal careers. The fieldwork experience is enhanced by the close supervision they receive from our faculty members by enrolling in one of a wide variety of externship seminars. Externship students must enroll in an externship seminar at WCL in conjunction with their fieldwork. The seminars are taught by full-time faculty and adjunct faculty who are leading practitioners in their respective fields. These seminars provide the forum for analysis of the fieldwork experiences through class discussion, reflective writing, and small group meetings.

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