SBA Executive Branch

The SBA executive is composed of the President and Vice President. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the WCL Student Body, and shall represent the interests of the student body to all interested persons or entities. In addition, the President is responsible for enforcing all legislation, amendments, and referenda passed by the Senate.

SBA Executive Team

Allen Liu

Chris White
Vice President & Speaker of the Senate 

Kelly Robier
Chief of Staff

Caitlin Remmel
Deputy Chief of Staff 

Anthony Bjelke
Director of Academic Affairs 

Christopher Delgado
Director of Communications 

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
Director of Diversity Initiatives 

Wendy Bonilla
Director of Finance 

Annica Mae Mattus
Director of Programming 

Sara Medina
Director of Student Life 

Savannah Turner
Director of External Affairs 

Kris Vicencio
Solicitor General