WCL Environmental Law Society


We welcome all those who are interested in environmental law or those who love the outdoors and want to preserve the natural environment!

Who Are We?

The Environmental Law Society is a student organization dedicated to creating an awareness of current environmental matters and the legal issues surrounding them. Our mission is to encourage students and community members to support environmental initiatives. We accomplish this mission by keeping students and the community informed of important issues in environmental law and policy, promoting environmental scholarship, advocating for environmentally sound decision-making, and by providing opportunities to protect the natural environment and its irreplaceable creatures.

The objectives of the ELS may be achieved through:

  1. Hosting speakers who work in the Environmental Law Field;
  2. Working closely with faculty and staff to bring environmental law events to campus;
  3. Collaborating with other WCL Law Societies to host joint events;
  4. Providing access to resource materials, internship availability, and networking opportunities;
  5. Encouraging open discussions of current environmental issues through speakers and debates.

Explore our student website

Learn more about how we apply legal analysis to identify opportunities for change in policy discussions about environmental, climate, and energy issues.