Transactional Law Society

The Transactional Law Society is a student-run organization that strives to empower law students to excel in the boardroom. Members participate in national, regional, and intra-school competitions, and, in doing so, transform knowledge from the classroom to practical abilities. The Society works closely with the Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program at AUWCL to prepare members to become successful advocates. To achieve this mission, TLS works with Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS), Business Law, Society (BLS), Business Law Program (BLP), and the J.D./MBA programs to host events discussing trends and popular issues in transactional law while TLS assembles and prepares teams to compete in negotiation and transactional competitions. All business specializations within the broad practice of transactional law are embraced by TLS.

As a competitive face of WCL, TLS welcomes 2Ls, 3Ls, and 4Ls to compete in domestic and international regulatory, business, legal drafting, and negotiation competitions. TLS encourages 1Ls to join the society in the spring semester of their 1L year and take part in mooting with current TLS competitors to prepare the various teams for upcoming competitions. Members are required to participate in one competition per year. Members earn up to 2 credits per academic year, make lasting connections, and are provided various scholarship and professional opportunities transactional law. Ultimately, Society members gain knowledge, flexibility, adaptability, experience, and expertise in negotiation skills, oratorical skills, legal and policy drafting, and teamwork.