The Spring Qualifying Tournament ("SQT")


Early Registration closes on Saturday, January 27, at 11:59pm. Early registrants will receive the SQT packet the morning of January 28.

Extended Registration closes Monday, January 29, at 11:59pm. Extended period registrants are still able to compete, but will receive the SQT packet only after the Extended Registration closes. Extended period registrants will not receive a point deduction. The only impact Extended period registrants will feel is having two fewer days to work on the written brief, but they will otherwise be on an even playing field with early registration participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I have to do to try out?

A: Tryouts are composed of a written and oral component based on a hypothetical case before the Supreme Court. You will write for the Petitioner or Respondent based on what we assign, and you will argue both sides during the oral argument.

Q: Will this affect my Rhetoric grade?

A: No. Fortunately, however, Moot Court consulted with the Rhetoric Program to select a problem that will complement the subject of your appellate problem. In other words, research for SQT will help you research for Rhetoric.

Q: When will the record for the oral argument be released?

A: January 28th.

Q: Does it cost anything to try out?

A: Yes, $20.

Q: If I drop out, do I get my $20 back?

A: No, this is a non-refundable deposit.

Q: I am a 2L, does that matter for what I turn in for my writing component?

A: No. Everyone will turn in a brief based on the same problem, but the research still helps 2Ls--hint, hint, Crim. Pro.

Important Dates
Date Event
January 27 Early Registration Closes
January 28 Early Registrants Receive Appellate Problem
January 29 Mandatory Info Session
12:00pm in NT07 & 10:00pm in NT01
January 29 Extended Registration Closes 11:59pm
January 30 Extended Registrants Receive Appellate Problem
February 4 Briefs due at 11:59pm
February 11 Oral Arguments