The Spring Qualifying Tournament ("SQT")


Registration: Opens January 21; Closes February 3 at 5:00pm. 
Problem/Record Released: February 3 after close of registration. Briefs due February 10th at Midnight
Tabling Session: January 24th 12:00 PM (The Commons)
Information Sessions: January 30th (Ceremonial Classroom); February 1st at 10:00pm
Mandatory Workshop: February 7th 12:00 PM (Ceremonial Classroom), February 7th 10:00 PM. Students must attend one of these sessions in order to participate in SQT. 
SQT Competition: February 17. Check-in begins at 8:15 am. Location TBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I have to do to try out?

A: Tryouts are composed of a written and oral component based on a hypothetical case before the Supreme Court. You will write for the Appellant or Appellee based on what we assign, and you will argue both sides during the oral argument.

Q: Will this affect my Rhetoric grade?

A: No, however, the experience will be excellent practice for your rhetoric memo and oral argument.

Q: When will the record for the oral argument be released?

A: February 3rd.

Q: I am a 2L, does that matter for what I turn in for my writing component?

A: No. Everyone will turn in a brief based on the same problem. The research still helps 2Ls!

Q: Will my written brief and oral argument be on the same issue?

A: Yes. As with our normal competitions, students will be assigned either Appellant or Appellee and will write an appellate brief for that side. They will then prepare oral arguments for both sides of the same issue and argue both of those sides during oral arguments.

Important Dates
Date Event
January 21st Registration Opens
January 24th Tabling Session 12:00 PM (The Commons)
January 30th Optional Information Session 12:00 PM (Ceremonial Classroom)
February 1st Optional Information Session 10:00 PM (via Zoom)
February 3rd Registration Closes 5:00 PM
February 3rd Problem Released
January 30th Session
12:00pm (NT01)
February 7th Mandatory Information Session 12:00pm (Ceremonial Classroom)
February 7th Mandatory Information Session 10:00 PM (via Zoom)
February 10th Competitor Briefs Due at 12:00 AM
February 17th Oral Arguments
February 17th Offers Extended