2008 Faculty Scholarship Award Winners

Each year the dean of the law school selects the internal Faculty Scholarship Award Winners considering the recommendations of a committee composed of the previous year's winners. The Committee on Scholarship for 2008 was composed of Professors Angela Davis, Amanda Frost, Lewis Grossman, and Stephen Vladeck.

2008 Faculty Scholarship Awards and winners:

Pauline Ruyle Moore Scholar Award

  • Ira P. Robbins, for "Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: Prison Emergency Preparedness as a Constitutional Imperative."

Elizabeth Payne Cubberly Scholar Award

  • Robert Tsai, for "Eloquence and Reason: Creating a First Amendment Culture."

Emalee C. Godsey Scholar Award

  • Nancy Polikoff, for a "Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage: Valuing All Families Under the Law."