2005 Faculty Scholarship Award Winners

Each year the dean of the law school selects the internal Faculty Scholarship Award Winners considering the recommendations of a committee composed of the previous year's winners. The Committee on Scholarship for 2005 was composed of Professors Darren Hutchinson, Diane Orentlicher, Paul Rice and Mary Siegel.

2007 Faculty Scholarship Awards and winners:

Pauline Ruyle Moore Scholar Award

  • Teemu Ruskola for his article, "Canton Is Not Boston: The Invention of American Imperial Sovereignty" (57 American Quarterly 859, 2005).

Elizabeth Payne Cubberly Scholar Award

  • Susan Carle for her article, "Theorizing Agency" (American University Law Review, 2005).

Emalee C. Godsey Scholar Award

  • Josh Sarnoff for his two articles, "The Historic and Modern Doctrines of Equivalents and Claiming the Future" (Part I and II) (J. Pat & Trademark Off. Soc'y, 2004).

Egon Guttman Casebook Award

  • Candace Kovacic-Fleisher for her coauthored book, Cases and Materials on Remedies, Restitution and Damages (Thompson West, 2005).