Alumni Communities

Alumni Communities celebrate the identity, interests, careers, and location of more than 20,000 WCL alumni worldwide.


  • Provide meaningful and sustainable alumni engagement opportunities and support key AUWCL priorities.
  • Play a vital role in establishing and maintaining active connections between alumni and AUWCL, including diverse communities and key individuals for donor prospect identification and discovery. 
  • Create opportunities for prospective and current students to connect with alumni in their region or interest.
  • Collaborate with university staff and faculty to increase visibility of WCL’s scholarship and enhance awareness of campaign priorities.

Community Types

  • Advisory Councils – Groups organized for leadership, advisory, mentor, external relations, and/or curricular purposes for a WCL program or office.
  • Regional Communities – Groups organized by geographical location, i.e., neighborhood, city, county, region, state, country. May also be known as a “chapter”.
  • Affinity Groups – Groups organized around an interest, practice area, student organization affiliation, or demographic.

Communities are open to all WCL degree holders – JD, LLM, SJD, and MLS.

We are looking for volunteer leaders! Please email if you are interested in serving in a role.

The American University Alumni Association also provides chapters and affinity groups around the world.
Check out the opportunities available to all AU and WCL alumni.