Geneva: International Law Commission Experiential Opportunity

A Unique Opportunity for Selected JD Students

This unique summer course is part immersive seminar on the role of the International Law Commission (ILC) in shaping international law and part practical course with two weeks of intensive in-person instruction at the UN International Law Commission in Geneva, Switzerland from July 2-14.

In Geneva, students will experience working in a multicultural legal environment with team members from different backgrounds and legal traditions. Under the guidance of Professor and member of the ILC Claudio Grossman, students will dive deep into the work and challenges of the ILC and contribute to its work by helping to draft interventions on current ILC topics. Students will attend in person meetings of the United Nations International Law Seminar (ILC), have the opportunity to visit other international law institutions in Geneva, and be afforded ample opportunities to network with WCL alumni and international law practitioners in Geneva.



Credits: 2 credits summer course (with option to add credits as an independent study to complete an Uppler Level Writing Requirement)

Time commitment: 3 class sessions in June (remote or hybrid remote and in DC), 2 weeks in Geneva July 2-14, and 1 follow up class online

Tuition and payment info: pay per credit hour | tuition covers flight and hotel | students pay for meals and any other expenses

How to Apply: Submit a resume, cover letter, and transcript to and by March 31, 2023.


For more information, reach out to Victoria Ernst, Adjunct Assistant Professor, at