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Spring 2012 - AU Campus Store - 
Course Type Title Syl Cr Instructor Cur Lim Days Rm From To
LAW-096-001 English for Lawyers   0 Hein-Dunne     TTH 313 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-518-006 Property   4 Hughes     MW 100 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-001 @ Legal Ethics
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Carle     TH 524 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-550-002 Legal Ethics   2 John May     TH 503 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-003 Legal Ethics x 2 Dorsainvil, Driver     T 503 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-004 Legal Ethics   2 Wertheimer     W 401 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-005 Legal Ethics x 2 Gowen     T 524 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-550-006 @ Legal Ethics
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Hansen     TH 503 08:30AM 10:20AM
LAW-550-007 Legal Ethics x 2 Ferguson     M 503 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-550-008 Legal Ethics x 2 Lawlor     T 503 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-551-001 Professional Responsibility: Theory & Practice   3 Chavkin     TTH 415 08:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-580-001 American Legal Institutions x 2 Berenson     W 101 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-580-002 US Legal Research & Writing   2 Schenker     M 101 04:00PM 05:20PM
LAW-581-001 U.S. Business Law   3 Wallace, P.     W 602 03:00PM 05:40PM
LAW-601-001 Administrative Law   3 Leiter     MW 524 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-601-002 Administrative Law x 3 Popper     TTH 101 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-603-001 Admiralty   2 Snell     M 103 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-605-001 First Amendment   3 Tsai     MW 402 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-608-001 The Jury in Civil Litigation   3 Vaughn, Boals     TTH 314 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-609-001 @ Trademark
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Farley     MW 503 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-610-001 U.S. Legal History II x 3 May     TTH 103 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-611-001 Business Associations   4 Greenberg     TTH 100 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-612-001 Securities Regulation x 3 Quinn     TH 524 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-613-001 Adv Corp Law: Corporate Governance   2 Effross     T 351 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-614-001 Alternative Dispute Resolution x 3 Bender     T 445 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-614-002 @ Alternative Dispute Resolution
This course has a Wait List
  3 Lockwood     M 445 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-618-001 Int'l Environmental Law   3 Hunter     TTH 524 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-619-001 Comparative Law x 3 CANCELLED            
LAW-620-001 Int'l Humanitarian Law x 3 Goldman, Parks     TTH 524 04:00PM 05:20PM
LAW-624-001 US Intl Taxation x 3 VanderWolk, Merrick     W 500 03:00PM 05:40PM
LAW-628-001 Criminal Procedure II x 3 Barbera, Bair     M 402 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-630-001 Regulation of Energy x 3 Day, Marlette     M 401 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-633-001 Evidence x 4 Rice     MW 602 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-633-002 @ Evidence
This course has a Wait List
  4 Correia     MW 503 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-633-003 @ Evidence
This course has a Wait List
  4 Aaronson     TTH 402 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-634-001 Legal Aspects Foreign Dir.Inv.   3 Levinson     MW 100 12:00PM 01:20PM
LAW-635-001 Natl Security Law x 3 Vladeck     TTH 101 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-636-001 Family Law   3 Saez     TTH 101 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-638-001 @ Juvenile Law
This course has a Wait List
  3 Cannon     T 500 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-639-001 Federal Corporate Income Tax x 3 Rothenberg     TTH 601 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-640-001 Health Law   4 Wiley     TTH 402 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-641-001 American Indian Law x 3 Rosser     TTH 516 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-642-001 @ Entertainment Law
This course has a Wait List
  3 Shatsky     TTH 528 11:00AM 12:20PM
LAW-644-001 Partnership Tax   3 Cole     MW 440 11:00AM 12:20PM
LAW-647-001 Federal Personal Income Tax x 4 Pike     MW 401 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-647-002 Federal Personal Income Tax x 4 Leff     TTH 602 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-647-003 Federal Personal Income Tax x 4 Kempler     MW 601 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-648-001 Food and Drug Law x 3 Lambert, Schwartz     MW 524 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-649-001 @ Pre-Trial Litigation
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Day, C., C., Bruckheim     T 526 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-649-002 @ Pre-Trial Litigation
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Algeo, Johnson, S.     M 526 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-651-001 @ Lawyer Bargaining
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Liu     F 528 10:00AM 12:40PM
LAW-651-002 @ Lawyer Bargaining
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Clark, Twomey     T 602 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-655-001 Immigration & Naturalization x 3 Rathod     MW 601 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-655-001B Immigration & Naturalization Law x 4 Rathod     MW 601 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-656-001 Asylum & Refugee Law   2 Baluarte     T 500 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-656-002 Asylum & Refugee Law x 3 McConnell     TH 401 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-657-001 International Trade Law I   3 Fandl     T 101 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-659-001 European Union Law x 3 Cervone     MW 527 12:00PM 01:20PM
LAW-660-001 International Law   3 Gorove, Gresser     M 401 07:00PM 09:40PM
LAW-661-001 Int'l Business Transactions   3 Caplan, Kizer     W 602 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-662-001 Intl Organizations   3 Orellana     T 401 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-664-001 @ Labor and Employment
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Carle     TTH 401 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-667-001 Cyberlaw   2 Carroll     W 524 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-668-001 Employment Discrimination   3 Wohl     TTH 503 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-677-001 @ Int'l Litigation & Arbitration
This course has a Wait List
  3 Epstein     TTH 501 03:30PM 04:50PM
LAW-679-001 @ Intl Investment Law
This course has a Wait List
  3 Perera     TTH 103 06:30PM 07:50PM
LAW-680-001 Law of the American Political Process x 2 Vela, Boles     M 103 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-682-001 Critical Race Theory x 3 Hutchinson     T 627 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-686-001 Federal Public Lands & Natural Resources x 2 Collins     M 403 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-690-001 Education Law x 3 Gross     T 501 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-690-002 Higher Education Law x 2 Monk     TTH 103 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-691-001 Sex-based Discrimination x 3 Eardley     T 504 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-692-001 Antitrust Law   4 Jim May     MW 401 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-694-001 @ Criminal Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Sullivan, Schmitt     M 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-695-001 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Raker, Fredrickson     M 528 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-695-002 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Mason, Armstrong     T 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-695-003 Civil Trial Advocacy x 3 Rupp, Stein     T 528 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-695-004 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Aaronson, Lippy     W 528 09:30AM 12:10PM
LAW-695-005 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Creighton, Gilday     W 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-695-006 Civil Trial Advocacy x 3 Woodward, Karl     W 528 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-695-007 @ Civil Trial Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Beard, Christian     TH 528 04:30PM 07:10PM
LAW-697-001 @ Wills Trusts Estates
This course has a Wait List
x 4 Abravanel     MW 528 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-697-003 Wills Trusts Estates   4 Moretz-Edmisten     TTH 503 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-698-001 Intl & Comparative Copyright x 3 Schwartz, E.     M 440 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-700-001 @ Sem: Public Employment Law
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Vaughn     W 627 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-700-002 @ Immigration: Criminal Consequences&Enforcement
This course has a Wait List
  2 Cooper     M 314 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-706-001 Adv Civ Pro: Complex Litigation in Civil and Human Rights x 2 Coleman     M 351 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-707-001A Adv Con Law: Marshall-Brennan   2 Ahranjani     W 101 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-707-001B Adv Con Law: Marshall-Brennan   3 Ahranjani     W 101 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-707-002 Adv Con Law: Economic Clauses x 2 J. Baker     M 445 02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-707-003 Constitutn in Times of Crisis x 2 Schwartz     W 314 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-712-001 Human Rghts Litigaton Sem   2 Beydoun, Palmer     M 351 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-712-002 Hmn Rghts Litigation Sem   2 Beydoun     TBA      
LAW-713-001 @ Political Crime & Terrorism
This course has a Wait List
  2 Kittrie     T 130 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-715-001 Disability and the Law   2 Yakren     TH 627 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-716-001 Environmental Litigation x 2 Squire     W 501 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-717-001 Adv. Evidence Seminar x 3 Rice     T 526 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-719-001 Health Care Fraud & Abuse: Contracting & Compliance x 3 CANCELLED            
LAW-719-002 Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions x 2 Scielzo     T 351 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-719-003 Privacy & Health Information Technology   2 Goldberg     M 504 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-720A-001 Adv Family Law: Theory & Practice x 2 Myers     M 501 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-721-001 Intl Law of the Sea x 2 Subedi     M 504 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-725-001 @ Gender,Cult Diff, Hmn Rghts
This course has a Wait List
  2 Harris, Khan     W 501 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-725-002 @ Regional Appro to Hmn Rghts
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Mendez     MW 501 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-726-001 @ Sem: Int'l Financial Insts
This course has a Wait List
  2 Levinson     T 504 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-727-001 International Banking   2 Comizio     T 524 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-729-001 Wrongful Convictions   2 Gilbert     W 501 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-731-001 @ Sem: Real Estate Planning
This course has a Wait List
  3 Burke, Horowitz     T 415 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-739-001 Intl & Transntl Justice: Commissions of Inquiry   2 Orentlicher     T 440 02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-743-001 Regulation of Derivatives   2 Ritter, Higgins     T 627 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-745-001 Pension & Employee Benefit Law x 3 Abramowitz     MW 503 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-746-001 Sem: Comparative Tax   3 Pike     TTH 501 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-747-001 Adv Labor Law; Public&Private   2 Datz     W 414 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-749-001 White Collar Crime x 3 Tenney     TTH 402 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-749-002 @ White Collar Crime
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Eliason     TTH 314 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-751-001 D.C. Civil Litigation Clinic   3 Goemann            
LAW-752-001 General Practice Clinic   4 Milstein, Ugelow, Coleman            
LAW-752-002 General Practice Clinic   3 Chavkin            
LAW-753-001 Women and the Law Clinic   4 Shalleck, Weinroth, Yakren            
LAW-753-002 Women&Law Clin-Domes Violence   4 Myers            
LAW-754-009 Law & Government Externship x 1 Tenney            
LAW-754-010 Alexandria,VA PblcDfndSupExt x 3 Douglas, Pepper            
LAW-754-011 DC PblcDfnd Sup Ext   3 Cobb, Raymond            
LAW-755-001 Intl HR Clin General Fieldwor   4 Wilson, Baluarte            
LAW-756-001A Clin Sem: General Prac Clinic   3 Milstein, Ugelow, Coleman     TTH 415 02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-756-001B Clin Sem: General Prac Clin   2 Chavkin     W 415 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-756-003 Commun/Econ Dev Clinic Sem   3 Bennett, Smith     W 526 10:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-756-004 Clin Sem: Crim Just Defense   3 Miller     W 445 01:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-756-004A Criminal Justice Clinic Sem   3 Roberts     W 314 09:30AM 12:50PM
LAW-756-006 Clin Sem: Disability Rghts Cl   3 R. Wallace, Cannon     W 527 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-756-007 Clin Sem: Intellectual Prop   3 Phillips, Isa-Odidi     TH 415 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-756-008 Intl Human Rights Clinic Sem   3 Wilson, Baluarte     TH 527 01:30PM 04:20PM
LAW-756-009 Clin Sem: Women & Law   3 Shalleck, Weinroth, Yakren     W 415 01:20PM 04:20PM
LAW-756-010 Wmn&Law: Domes Viol Clin   3 Myers     W 415 01:20PM 04:20PM
LAW-756-011 Fed Taxation Clinic Sem   3 Abramowitz, Cole     T 500 09:30AM 12:30PM
LAW-756-012 Immigrant Justice Clinic Sem   3 Rathod, Keyes     TH 500 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-757-001 DC Law Stdnt in Ct Clin Sem   2 Goemann            
LAW-758-001 Intellectual Property Clinic   4 Phillips, Isa-Odidi            
LAW-759-001 Immigrant Justice Clinic   4 Rathod, Keyes            
LAW-761-001 Criminal Justice Clin-Defense   4 Miller, Roberts            
LAW-762-001 Tax Clinic   3 Abramowitz, Cole            
LAW-764-001 Disability Rights Law Clinic   4 R. Wallace, Cannon            
LAW-765-001 Intl Law Review I   1              
LAW-765-002 Intl Law Review I   2              
LAW-766-001 Intl Law Review II   1              
LAW-766-002 Intl Law Review II   2              
LAW-767-001 Intl Law Review III   1              
LAW-767-002 Intl Law Review III   2              
LAW-767-003 Intl Law Review III   3              
LAW-767-004 Intl Law Review III   4              
LAW-768-001 Community Economic Dev.Clinic   4 Bennett, Smith            
LAW-769-001 Govt Litigation Externship Sem x 3 Popper     W 504 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-002 Environmental Advocacy x 3 Snape     M 445 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-769-003 Administrative Law Externship Sem x 3 Lubbers     M 440 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-004 Supervised Externship Seminar x 3 Leshner     M 504 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-005 Supervised Externship Seminar x 3 Hallstrom     T 403 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-006 Supervised Externship Seminar   3 Gowen     W 445 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-007 Supervised Externship Seminar   3 Dimino, Cassell     W 403 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-008A Adv Ext Sem   1 Wallace, R.     T 445 05:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-008B Adv Ext Sem x 1 Wilson, N.     M 627 06:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-769-008C Adv Ext Sem   1 Rogers     M 403 05:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-009 Supervised Externship Seminar x 3 Bosier     TH 445 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-769-010 Supervised Externship Seminar   3 Eule     W 445 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-769-011 Supervised Externship Seminar   3 Wennar, Bills     T 313 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-770-001 Admin Law Review I   1              
LAW-770-002 Admin Law Review I   2              
LAW-771-001 Admin Law Review II   1              
LAW-771-002 Admin Law Review II   2              
LAW-772-001 Admin Law Review III   1              
LAW-772-002 Admin Law Review III   2              
LAW-772-003 Admin Law Review III   3              
LAW-772-004 Admin Law Review III   4              
LAW-789-001 @ Sem: Int'l Commercial Arbitr.
This course has a Wait List
  3 Grigera Naon, Frutos-Peterson     M 528 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795-001 Social Justice   2 Schwartz     T 504 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-795-002 CmprtvPers-1st Amndmnt Law x 2 Monk     TTH 314 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-795-003 @ Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Law & Policy
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Belgrade     T 103 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795-004 Property & the Environment Seminar   2 Hughes     W 500 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-795-005 Civil Rights Litigation x 3 Yeomans     MW 524 03:00PM 04:20PM
LAW-795-006 HumRgts Advcy:9/11 to the Arab Sspring   3 Purohit     F 501 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795-007 Veterans Affairs x 2 Schoenhard     M 516 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795-008 @ Adv Topics in Gender & Intl Law
This course has a Wait List
  2 Filipovich     W 351 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795-009 Reproductive Rights and the Law   3 Waters     M 103 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-795-010 Adv Legal Rhetoric: Writing in the Public Interest   2 Phelps     W 504 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795-011 Intl Law of Water x 2 Subedi     T 527 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-795-012 Intl Dspte Resltn/Sovereigns x 2 Baron, D.     M 501 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795-013 Adv Oil & Gas Law x 2 Day, J.     T 313 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-795-014 IP Protect & Enforcement x 2 Trainer     Saturday 415 09:00AM 01:30PM
LAW-795-015 @ IP & Admin Law
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Toupin     T 313 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795-016 @ Lobbying & Political Advocacy
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Schadler, Trister     M 527 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795-017 Adv Iss in Ppublic & Private Intl Law x 2 Robinson, D.     M 313 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795-024 @ Global Corruption & Rule of Law
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Henderson     M 403 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795-029 Academic Legal Writing x 1 Bain-Butler     W 313 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-795-030 Humphrey Fellow Seminar   1 Ala'i     M 445 12:00PM 01:50PM
LAW-795-035 Principles of French Law   2 Levarlet     TH 440 07:30PM 09:20PM
LAW-795-050 Trial Adv Crim Def Ext Sem x 1 Douglas, Pepper     T PDS 03:00PM 04:30PM
LAW-795-051 DC Crim Def Ext Sem   1 Cobb, Raymond     TH DCPDS 06:00PM 07:30PM
LAW-796-001 Law Review I   1              
LAW-796-002 Law Review I   2              
LAW-797-001 Law Review II   1              
LAW-797-002 Law Review II   2              
LAW-798-001 Law Review III   1              
LAW-798-002 Law Review III   2              
LAW-798-003 Law Review III   3              
LAW-798-004 Law Review III   4              
LAW-800-001 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law I   1              
LAW-800-002 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law I   2              
LAW-801-001 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law II   1              
LAW-801-002 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy& Law II   2              
LAW-802-001 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law III   1              
LAW-802-002 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law III   2              
LAW-802-003 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law III   3              
LAW-802-004 Jrnl Gender Soc Polcy&Law III   4              
LAW-803-001 Moot Court Executive Board   1              
LAW-803-002 Moot Court Executive Board   2              
LAW-804-001 @ Islamic Law
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Mattar     TH 500 12:00PM 02:40PM
LAW-805-001 @ Law of Information Privacy
This course has a Wait List
  2 Brandenburg, Teplinsky     T 501 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-812-001 Elder Law x 2 Abravanel     T 440 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-815-001 Feminist Jurisprudence   2 Shalleck     TH 526 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-815-002 Feminist Jurisprudence   3 Shalleck     TH 526 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-817-002 Intl Trade Policy Issues: Theory & Practice x 3 Vito, Lima-Campos     M 500 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-821-001 Legsltv Prcss&Political Rhtrc   2 Raskin, Blattner     M 103 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-823-001 Mutual Fund & Invstmt Reg x 2 Choi, Ragen     W 103 11:30AM 01:20PM
LAW-824-001 Minerals & Energy Law   2 Burke     TH 351 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-833-001 Intl Regulation of Securities Markets   2 Symonds     F 526 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-834-001 @ Public Health Law & Policy
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Wiley     T 527 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-836-001 Computer Crime Seminar   2 McGovern     M 501 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-838-001 Amer Cts:Strctr,People, Proc x 2 Wheeler     T 627 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-840-001 @ Secured Transactions
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Snyder     TTH 503 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-844-001 Adv Environmental Law   3 Breen     M 627 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-845-001 Cultural Property Law   2 Blanco     W 313 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-846-001 E-Commerce Law & Drafting   2 Effross     T 524 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-847-001 Appellate Advocacy   3 Bondy     M 403 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-847-002 Appellate Advocacy x 3 Feldman     W 445 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-849-001 @ Lgl Drafting:Family Law Practice & Litigation
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Spratt     W 500 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-849-002 @ Legal Drafting: Corporate
This course has a Wait List
  2 Risoleo     W 516 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-852-001 Law of Nonprofit Organizations   3 Siegrist     MW 524 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-855-001 @ Patent Prosecution
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Parisi     W 351 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-856-001 Corporate Finance   3 K. Anderson     MW 602 11:00AM 12:20PM
LAW-857-001 Banking Law and Regulation x 3 Madden     W 627 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-858-001 Aviatn Law: Domes & Intl Aspc x 2 Devall     W 351 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-861-001 @ Sem:Econ,Social,Cult. Rights
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Nifosi-Sutton     W 627 11:00AM 12:50PM
LAW-871-001A Moot Court Competitions   1              
LAW-871-001B Moot Court Competitions   2              
LAW-878-001 Scientific Evidence & Expert Testimony   3 Grimm, Houck     W 500 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-883-001 State Constitutional Law x 3 Peck     M 527 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-885-001 Construction Law x 2 Shapiro, Stephenson     M 500 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-892-001 The Washington Lawyer x 2 Lubbers, Yeomans     T 527 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-896-001 @ Law and the Visual Arts
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Joshua Kaufman       314 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-899-008A Adv Ext Fieldwork   Wallace, R.            
LAW-913-001 Tr Adv:Ltgt in High Tech Ctrm x 2 Austrian, Pavsner     T 528 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-915-001 Ethics for Trial Lawyers x 2 Pilger, Guggenheim     W 403 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-916-001 @ Law and Drug Policy
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Jurith     TH 501 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-917-001 Business Law Review I   1              
LAW-917-002 Business Law Review I   2              
LAW-918-001 Business Law Review II   1              
LAW-918-002 Business Law Review II   2              
LAW-919-001 Business Law Review III   1              
LAW-919-002 Business Law Review III   2              
LAW-919-003 Business Law Review III   3              
LAW-919-004 Business Law Review III   4              
LAW-924-001 @ Adv Copyright Law & Policy
This course has a Wait List
  3 Kasunic     W 527 06:00PM 08:40PM
LAW-927-001 Intl Trafficking in Persons   3 Vandenberg, Fryszman     M 602 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-929-001 @ Adv Legal Rsrch Tech
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Postar     T 103 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-929-002 Adv Legal Rsrch: Intellectual Property x 1 Taylor     W 103 05:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-935-001 Congress, Lawmaking & Foreign Affairs x 3 Caple     TTH 601 08:00PM 09:20PM
LAW-962-001 @ Adv IP: Patent Litigation
This course has a Wait List
  2 Isa-Odidi     T 351 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-962-002 Human Rights&Acccess to Medicines x 3 Flynn     F 313 10:00AM 12:40PM
LAW-968-001 @ Evidenry Founda & Objctns
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Winfree, Andonian     TH 527 07:30PM 10:10PM
LAW-972-001 @ Bilateral Invstmt Treaty Arbtr
This course has a Wait List
  2 Blackaby, Antonietti, Richard     T 526 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-974-001 Secrecy Controversies   2 Metcalfe     W 627 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-976-001 Business Immigration Law x 2 Shen     M 524 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-978-001 @ Women & Conflict
This course has a Wait List
  2 Sacouto     T 516 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-980-001 Adv Int Law:Law&Pce Negot   3 Williams, P.     T 401 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-984-001 @ AdvTrialAdv: Crim Prosecution
This course has a Wait List
x 2 Wennar, Acosta     M 415 07:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-988-001 Drafting of Wills and Trusts x 2 Abravanel     TH 504 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-990-001 @ Intl Busnss Negotiations
This course has a Wait List
x 3 Finkelstein     M 415 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-991-001 Drug Product Liability x 3 Grossi     TH 500 03:00PM 05:15PM
LAW-993-001 Adoption Law,Policy&Practice x 3 Maskew     T 500 06:30PM 09:10PM
LAW-994-001 Litigating in Digital Age: eDiscovery x 2 Butterfield, Stanton     W 516 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-995-001A Mock Trial Honor Society   1              
LAW-995-001B Mock Trial Competitions   1              
LAW-996-001 Mock Trial Executive Board   1              
LAW-999-001 SJD Colloquium x 1 Tenney     T   10:00AM 12:00PM

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