Mock Trial Honor Society

Members of the 2023-2024 Mock Trial Honor Society

The Mock Trial Honor Society is a student-run organization that strives to empower law students to excel in the courtroom.  Members  participate in national, regional, and intraschool competitions, and, in doing so, transform knowledge from the classroom to practical abilities. The Society works closely with the Stephen S. Weinstein Advocacy Program at AUWCL to prepare members to become successful advocates. 

Members are required to participate in one competition per year, either during the fall or spring semester. They may earn 1 or 2 credits per semester of competition; with a maximum of 4 credits total. Competitions are considered ‘non-contact credits’, and a student may only apply 12 of these non-contact credits toward the 86 credits required to earn the JD. Members make lasting connections, and are provided various scholarship and professional opportunities in both criminal and civil litigation.  Ultimately, Society members gain knowledge, flexibility, adaptability, experience, and expertise in trial skills, oratorical skills, evidence, and teamwork.