(1 academic credit per course)

Introduction to Hotel Law and Real Estate
LAW 79500-001

Using a combination of case study, dialogue, and course work, this introductory course provides an analysis of complex legal issues routinely addressed by attorneys engaged in hospitality matters such as: licensing and franchise rights, tort liability, business formation and the complexities of hotel real estate development.

Hotel Franchising, Licensing, and Management Agreements
LAW 795PP-001

Probably the single most important area of hotel law, the management, licensing, and franchising agreements necessary to operate most hotels are embedded with complex issues that integrate law, economics, heightened negotiations, and detailed contract drafting. The course explores the many models of hotel ownership and branded chains that allow operations to appear seamless to hotel guests.

Advanced Topics: Labor & Employment Law, plus Gaming Considerations in the Hospitality Industry
LAW 795NN-001

Once the domain of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, gaming operations and casinos now thrive across the country. In addition, massive resort hotels create numerous issues for the hotel attorney. This course examines recent developments in legal and operational areas including: hotel torts; alcoholic beverage regulation; federal, state, and local regulation (including the ADA); Indian and Tribal gaming; and intellectual property.