Criminal Justice Clinic

The Criminal Justice Clinic (CJC) is designed to teach student attorneys about the theory and practice of advocacy in the criminal and juvenile justice systems with the knowledge that these skills apply to lawyering in many other settings. The clinic practices in Maryland and offers opportunities for second and third year students to participate in either defense or prosecution.

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Our Areas of Focus

Students in the CJC-Defense section represent adults facing misdemeanor charges, juveniles, and individuals serving life sentences without parole for offenses that occurred when they were juveniles. The CJC accepts defense cases on referral from the Montgomery County Public Defender's Office only. Students in the CJC-Prosecution section take the accompanying seminar at WCL, but they perform their field work at Maryland State's Attorney's Offices in Montgomery, Prince George's, and Anne Arundel Counties.


Our Faculty and Staff

Binny Miller

Professor of Law Co-Director, Criminal Justice Clinic (Defense)


Binny Miller is director of the Criminal Justice Clinic and professor of law. She holds expertise in voting rights; elections; clinical legal education; and criminal justice.


Jenny Roberts

Professor of Law, Co-Director, Criminal Justice Clinic (Defense)


Jenny Roberts is a Professor of Law and the Associate Dean for Scholarship. She currently co-directs the Criminal Justice Clinic and teaches Criminal Law. Her research focuses on the right to counsel, misdemeanors and the lower criminal courts, collateral consequences of criminal convictions, and indigent defense.


Jeffrey Pearlman

Adjunct Professor (Prosecution)


Jeff Pearlman received his bachelor's degree in English at Washington University, St. Louis, in 1993, magna cum laude. He received his JD in 1998, cum laude, from George Washington Law School.