Researching Arbitration

There are an incredible amount of resources on International Commercial Arbitration. Links to online resources are available under the "Useful Links" tab on the left. Below are some research guides citing additional useful databases, articles, journals and major treatises on International Commercial Arbitration, and a list of the works of Horacio Grigera Naòn, the Center Director.

Guide to Researching International Arbitration at the Washington College of Law

Bibliografía en Español

Works of Horacio Grigera Naón, Center Director


Arbitration Brief
The third issue of the International Commercial Arbitration Brief has been released. The Arbitration Brief is a student publication of the Washington College of Law which covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from domestic employment arbitration to international investment disputes.

American University International Law Review Special Issue in International Commercial Arbitration

ILR has published a special issue on Current Issues in International Commercial Arbitration. The publication includes the papers submitted for the Symposium on International Commercial Arbitration which took place November 16, 2011. To read Volume 27, No. 4 please click here.

International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives (LexisNexis)
Co-edited by Horacio A. Grigera Naón and Paul E. Mason

This collective work published in October 2010 captures the development of International Commercial Arbitration from different perspectives and uniquely brings together the ideas, suggestions and perspectives of in-house counsel as the most important users of ICA, along with outside counsel, arbitrators themselves, and major arbitration organizations who all help provide the service.