The Society for International Economic Law

6th Biennial Global Conference

Washington D.C., 12-14 July 2018

Hosted by SIEL and American University Washington College of Law


The Sixth Biennial Global Conference of the Society for International Economic Law (SIEL) will take place at the American University Washington College of Law from 12-14 July, 2018.

The Conference Theme will be “International Economic Law in Unsettling Times.” For the international economic law community these last years have been anything but settled. The political consensus on free trade and integration has broken down in states that are traditional supporters of global liberalism even while new champions of free trade are emerging. The widely shared feeling that trade gains have been unequally divided for too long and that globalization has to be made more inclusive puts the system under tremendous pressure to change. Lack of progress in WTO negotiations is now aggravated by threats to its institutional set-up. Investment law is affected by its own uncertainties and discussions, and monetary law is still suffering from the large uncertainties inserted into the system by the global financial crises and a debt crisis that remains unresolved.

Registration categories are as follows:

Standard registration:

  • Non SIEL Members: $300
  • SIEL Members: $240

Students, LDCs Participants, speakers:

  • Non SIEL Members: $170
  • SIEL Members: $136

Academics, NGOs, government participants:

  • Non SIEL Members: $220
  • SIEL Members: $176


  • Continuing Legal Education accreditation will be applied for as requested to the various US States. 14 credits for 60 minute states and 16 for 50 minute states will be available in total over the 3 days.
  • For those outside the US jurisdiction, we can provide a certificate of attendance for your respective countries.
  • Any questions relating to continuing legal education should be addressed to Jennifer Dabson, Director of Continuing Legal Education at

Cancellations received by July 1 will be reimbursed, less a $20 administrative fee. No reimbursement is possible for cancellations received after July 1