2018 International Legal Education Abroad and LL.M. Administrators Conference:

Innovation in Education and Administration

February 22-23, 2018
American University Washington College of Law
Washington, DC

Program administrators, faculty, and staff from over thirty US law schools will join together at American University Washington College of Law for the eighth annual International Legal Education Abroad Conference, which has been expanded to include the LL.M Administrator’s Conference. This conference focuses on international legal education abroad with a focus on the JD student population as well as information sharing and best practices modeling for LL.M. administrators. Conference sessions will address unique perspectives, innovative ideas, and critical quantitative or qualitative assessments of the role international education abroad has on the global legal community or how the global legal community impacts international legal education. Panels and discussions will touch upon issues relevant to JD and LL.M students, law school international programs offices, law school faculty and administrators, international partners, alumni, employers, and others in the global legal community. The full schedule is available via the link in the right sidebar.

For conference archives or additional information, please visit http://digitalcommons.wcl.american.edu/go_ileac or email ileac@wcl.american.edu.

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