Our Mission

We are at an inflection point. Advances in technology over the last few decades have created tremendous opportunities, but have also exposed, exacerbated, and in some ways created core vulnerabilities.  Democracy, freedom of speech, security, privacy and the balance of power all hang in the balance.

The Tech, Law & Security Program (TLS) is a new initiative at American University Washington College of Law that will tackle the challenges and opportunities posed by emerging technology—offering innovative solutions, engaging our students, and training the leaders of tomorrow.  

To achieve this vision, TLS has three overarching goals, which will cut across all of our programming:

  • First, to be a think tank within the law school—working through unresolved and cutting-edge legal and policy issues at the cross section of technology, law, and security;
  • Second, to generate and disseminate innovative policy proposals that influence policies and practices across the public and private sectors; and
  • Third, to educate and involve our diverse body of students in research and related programming.

In so doing, we will work across the public and private sectors, focus our attention on core and insufficiently understood challenges and opportunities, and help to ensure that technology is used to support the functioning of effective democracies and core democratic values, including privacy, security, freedom of speech, and the discernment of truth.

Faculty & Affiliates

The Tech, Law and Security Program (TLS) is comprised of leading experts in the program’s key areas. The expert team is particularly well placed to convene the relevant players and to ensure that TLS research and other output is timely, calibrated and positioned to have a high-level impact on policy and practice.

Affiliated Faculty

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