The Business Law Program at the American University Washington College of Law includes an extensive curriculum, a number of student organizations, countless events throughout the year, as well as a full scholarly program. With over 150 different course offerings in business law and related fields, covering topics from antitrust to Regulation Z and everything in between, the curriculum aims to offer every course relevant to practicing business law, domestically and internationally, in the twenty-first century. Experiential learning in clinics and externships, both on the transactional and the litigation sides of practice, gives students what they need to develop and mature as budding lawyers.

Outside the classroom, students can compete in transactional and negotiation meets, can network with employers and alumni, and can participate in the business-related arbitration and securities moots. The BLP is large and vibrant and is always looking for and developing new opportunities.

INSIDER INFORMATION... some quick and dirty tips

Most local bars have committees that students can get involved in. It's the best kind of networking: you not only get to meet people but you also get to work with them. If you can impress them with your work, they may be interested in helping you advance your career, and maybe even help you get a permanent job. Check out the DC Bar (; NY City Bar Association (; or any other city bar association. You'll almost certainly find sections or committees that are of interest to you.

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