The key to a successful international job search campaign is to know where you want to go and which area of law you wish to practice. You must take a realistic approach when setting your career goals and choosing where you want to go. Analyze your academic background and set of skills and abilities, in particular your foreign language skills. Research the language requirements and legal system of the region or country you wish to target. Determine which skills and background would be required of you and what you can offer to a prospective employer. You will need to research which types of entities, such as law firms, corporations, government offices, non-governmental and international organizations are active in the practice of law you are interested in.

If you don't have urgency in moving to a particular country or region, you may develop a long term plan to build up the language skills and capabilities required to work in a particular market. If working abroad is a long term goal for you, develop a strategy and set short-term goals so you can achieve what is needed to go abroad. Look for opportunities to gain knowledge about the country or region you are interested in. You can do this without leaving the United States!

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Get an International Externship

Students are responsible for finding and applying to their internship that they can then convert to an externship. The Externship Program does provide a list of international placements that have hired students in the past or have indicated an interest in hiring WCL students.