Certificate in Regulatory Studies: Deconstructing the Regulatory State

Washington College of Law's Program on Law & Government is pleased to offer a Certificate in Regulatory Studies. This certificate is obtained by completing the online course: Deconstructing the Regulatory State. 

Scaling back federal regulation has been a hallmark of the White House since the January 2017 inauguration. What process must be followed? What obstacles must be overcome? In this course students will examine the nuts and bolts of deregulation. How do agencies change course? How are rules rescinded? The online certificate program will give students insight into the deregulatory process and the ways in which opponents to deregulation can thwart or hinder the process.

There will be eight online classes in all, two recorded, six live, running 90 minutes each on weeknights in July, ending with a two-hour debate and discussion about deregulation. The course will be fully interactive and completely online. Students will be able to pose questions and engage with the instructors who are among the most experienced practitioners of administrative law and regulation in Washington, D.C.

To obtain a certificate, students will have to watch and participate in all lectures, complete corresponding reading assignments, and complete a course evaluation. 

Current AUWCL students are able to take part in the online course for free (note that this course is eligible for a certificate, but not for academic credit). Non AUWCL students may take the course for $350, and will also receive a certificate upon completion.