2014 Fall Qualifying Tournament Results

The WCL Mock Trial Honor Society is Proud to Announce the

2014 New Members

Dominique Anglade
Vanessa Jouvin
Seth Groveunder
Vinay Sharma


2014 Teams and Competitions!

Golden Gate University, In Vino Veritas- San Francisco, CA -Oct. 23-26 (round robin competition Washington, DC - 9/26-28): Belgin Palaz, Justin Nemeroff, Julia Cosans, & Rebecca Zimmer. Coaches: Christina Hillyer & Aimee Ghosh

Hastings- San Francisco, CA-Oct. 16 -19: Brian Teets, Shehrish Rajpoot, Vanessa Jouvin, & Seth Groveunder. Coaches: Natalie Pye & Jack Korba

St. John's NCRC- Long Island, NY -Oct.23- 26: Greg Evansa, Janissia Orgill, Christin Mitchell, & Bryan Pacheco. Coaches: Jeremy Widder & Yuki Haraguchi

Fordham- NYC -Oct. 25 & 26: Joey Kavanagh and Annie Berry. Coaches: Liz Boals & Brenda Gonzales

Puerto Rico- San Juan, PR -Oct. 30: Chris Esparza, Robby Nothdurft, Montra Martin, & Gabrielle Logaglio. Coaches: Brittany Keil & Megan Whiteside

Buffalo-Niagara- Buffalo, NY -Nov. 8 – 11: Matt Sutton, Hurmayonne Morgan, Trina Leo, & Dominique Anglade. Coaches: Jeff Wennar & Brian Rubinstein

White Collar Crime- Washington, DC -Nov. 21-23: Deirdre Smith, Raz Andican, Steven Ollar, & Mansitan Sow. Coaches: Liz Boals & Zac Ista


Please check our events page and Facebook page to see what we have coming up in terms of training, activities, and social events.

WCL 2014 Intra-Society Competition!

Congratulations to:

Champions: Belgin Palaz (2L) and Janissia Orgill (2L), (Coached by Julia Cosans (3L)) v. Raz Andican (2L) and Mansitan Sow (2L), (Coached by Gabrielle Logaglio (3L))

Best Advocates: Greg Evans (2L) & Justin Nemeroff (2L)

Special thanks to all who participated and the coaches who dedicated their Saturday morning to judging!

2013-2014 Team Accomplishments

WCL Mock Trial Advances Two Teams to the Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition (NTC) Regional Trial Competition Finals!

Congratulations to Rachael Curtis (3L) and Ryan Fanning (3L) who were finalists at the NTC Regionals and Kyle O'Grady (3L) and Corey Peterson (3L) who were champions of this year's NTC Regionals! Rachel and Ryan were coached by Elizabeth Lippy and Elizabeth Boals. Kyle and Corey were coached by Jeremy Widder and Allison Heldreth. As champions of the Regional Trial Competition, Kyle and Corey will be representing WCL at the National Competition in March!

WCL Mock Trial Advances to Knockout Round at Buffalo-Niagara Mock Trial Competition!

Congratulations to Sean Fitzgerald (3L), Kristin Gualano (3L), CJ Bergin (3L), and Julia Cosans (2L) who placed in the top 20 teams at the Buffalo-Niagara Mock Trial Competition held November 7-10, 2013. Special congratulations go to Kristin Gualano who won "Best Cross Examination" in a preliminary round. The WCL team was coached by Brittany Keil and Megan McCarthy.

WCL Mock Trial Makes Quarter-Finals at National Civil Rights Competition (NCRC)!

Congratulations to Julie Bindelglass (3L), Christin Mitchell (2L), Christiane Cannon (3L), and Robert Nothdurft Jr. (2L) who advanced to the quarter-final round of the Peter James Johnson '49 National Civil Rights Trial Competition held October 24-27, 2013. The WCL team was coached by Jeffrey Wennar and Aimee Ghosh.

WCL Student Receives Best Summation Prize at Lone Star Classic!

Congratulations to Amy Gordon who won the Best Summation prize at the Lone Star Classic: National Mock Trial Tournament held October 17-19, 2013. Amy was coached by Jeremy Widder and Brenda Gonzalez.

Two WCL Students Receive Perfect Scores at Golden Gate University!

Congratulations to Rachel Curtis (3L) and Ryan Fanning (3L) who received perfect scores at the Professor Bernie L. Segal Criminal Mock Trial Competition held October 10-13, 2013. Rachel and Ryan were coached by Elizabeth Lippy and Elizabeth Boals.

2012 - 2013 Team Accomplishments

WCL Mock Trail Wins Estrella Trial Advocacy Competition!

Congratulations to Sarah Thomas (3L), Ryan Fanning (2L), Ellis Palividas (3L), and Rachel Curtis (2L) who placed first at the Estrella Trial Advocacy Competition on April 13-14. The WCL team was coached by Elizabeth Lippy and Elizabeth Boals.

WCL Mock Trial Makes Semi-Finals at TYLA National Trial Comptition (NTC), Regional !

Congratulations to Kyle O'Grady (2L), Allison Heldreth (3L), Yuki Haraguchi (3L), and Shailee Diwanji (3L) who reached the semi-finals at the National Trial Competition Regionals on February 1-3. Both teams were coached by Jeremy Widder and Greg Hillyer.

WCL Mock Trial Makes Octo-Finals at Buffalo-Niagara Invitational Mock Trial Competition!

Congratulations to Kyle O'Grady (2L), Allison Heldreth (3L), Yuki Haraguchi (3L), and Maya Kushner (2L) who reached the octo-finals at the Buffalo-Niagara Invitational Mock Trial Competition on November 9-12. The WCL team was coached by Elizabeth Boals and Jeremy Widder.

WCL Mock Trial Places Second at Judge Paul Joseph Kelly Jr. Invitational Trial Competition!

Congratulations to Shailee Diwanji (3L) and Cody Harnish (3L) who placed second at the Judge Paul Joseph Kelly Jr. Invitational Trial Competition at Fordham University on October 27- 28. The WCL team was coached by Dave Felsen and Bonnie Hoffman.

Our Mission

The Mock Trial Honor Society is a student-run organization that strives to empower law students to excel in the courtroom.  Members  participate in national, regional, and intraschool competitions, and, in doing so, transform knowledge from the classroom to practical abilities. The Society works closely with the Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program at WCL to prepare members to become successful advocates.  Members earn 2 credits per academic year, make lasting connections, and are provided various scholarship and professional opportunities in both criminal and civil litigation.  Ultimately, Society members gain knowledge, flexibility, adaptability, experience, and expertise in trial skills, oratorical skills, evidence, and teamwork.

We offer 1L students a chance to gain valuable practice in the spring through our 1L Closing Argument Competition. Then, to formally try out for the team, WCL students must compete in the Spring Qualifying Tournament. Once admitted to the Society, members represent WCL at regional and national mock trial competitions.

For more information, or to sign up for our listserve, please email: mocktrialhonorsociety@gmail.com