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The Law and Economics of Copyright Users Rights

Date: 09/26/13
Times: 02:00PM - 06:00PM
Description: This event will bring together top scholars in economics and law to discuss needs for empirical research on copyright users rights to inform law reform processes around the world. The first panel will review the empirical scholarship on the relationship between copyright limitations and exceptions and social and economic development and discuss new avenues for research that would improve our public understanding of the issue. The second part of the event will feature a roundtable discussion with regional copyright academics about the need for empirical evidence to promote balanced policy- making in regions where copyright reform initiatives are underway. The event will end with a keynote address by Sunil Abraham from the Center for Internet and Society on the relation between intellectual property flexibility and innovation in the telecommunications sector in India. Reception to follow
Sponsor: Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
URL: http://www.pijip-impact.org/events/law-and-economics-of-copyright-users-rights/
Location: Room 603
Contact Name: Katie Evans
Contact Phone: (202)274-4445
Contact Email: pijip@wcl.american.edu
Posted On: 08/28/13
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