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Insights into Bankruptcy Practice

Date: 02/14/13
Times: 12:00PM - 01:30PM
Description: The American College of Bankruptcy (http://www.amerc ol.org) is an honorary association of bankruptcy and insolvency professionals. A core mission of the ACB is enhancing the highest quality of bankruptcy practice; fostering interest and knowledge in that area is integral to achieving ACB's mission. Toward that end, ACB has teamed up with OCPD and the Business Law Society to co- sponsor "Insights into Bankruptcy Practice" at WCL. This program seeks to enhance understanding about the practice of bankruptcy law and how bankruptcy interfaces with so many other disciplines. At this 90 minute program, ACB panelists will: • discuss the role bankruptcy plays in the world economy; • describe the role of the bankruptcy attorney, who,although viewed as a specialist, can also be described as the last great generalist in the American legal tradition; • call on participants to imagine the skill set and problem solving required to be a successful bankruptcy practitioner and encourage them to consider that role; and • answer audience questions. Panelists from the American College of Bankruptcy, including the Honorable Wendelin I. Lipp and Mark Ellenberg, will join our very own Professor Walter Effross in this interactive program. Food will be served to students who register on CareerLink. Panelist Bios The Honorable Wendelin Lipp - http://judgepedia.o rg/index.php/Wen delin_I_Lipp; http://www.mdb.u scourts.gov/conte nt/wendelin-i-lipp Mark Ellenberg, Esq. - http://www.cadwal ader.com/view_att orney.php? attorney=40 Craig Goldblatt, Esq. - http://www.wilmer hale.com/craig_gol dblatt/ Professor Walter Effross - http://www.wcl.am erican.edu/faculty/ effross/
Location: WCL Room 524
Contact Name: Kristen Meeks
Contact Phone: 202-274-4090
Contact Email: kmeeks@wcl.american.edu
Posted On: 01/30/13
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