International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

ICTY - Judgments, Orders & Indictments / Blagojevic et al (Srebrenica) IT-02-53

Vidoje Blagojevic, Dragan Jokic, and Dragan Obrenovic were individually indicted in Blagojevic IT-98-33/1, Jokic IT-01-44, and Obrenovic IT-01-43, before being joined to form Blagojevic et al. IT-02-53. When a fourth accused, Momir Nikolic (Nikolic IT-02-56) was added, the case became Blagojevic et al. IT-02-60. After two accused were separated into Nikolic IT-02-60/1 and Obrenovic IT-02-60/2, the case became Blagojevic & Jokic IT-02-60. Please see these other cases for additional case documents.

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