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2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 11-Relevant Criteria for Vol Contributions.pdf29550
2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 12-Budget Appropriations 1st Financial Period.pdf41260
2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 13-Working Capital Fund 1st Financial Period.pdf28976
2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 14-Scales of Assessments for Apportionment Expenses.pdf25735
2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 15-Crediting Contributions to UN Trust Fund.pdf28340
2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 4-Establishment Committee Budget Finance.pdf37902
2002-09-03, ICC-ASP-1-Res 5-Procedure for Nomination Election Members.pdf51682
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 1-Continuity of Work Re Crime of Aggression.pdf37184
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 10-Selection of Staff.pdf49737
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 2-Procedure Nomination Election Judges Pros.pdf86188
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 3-Procedure for Election Judges.pdf55320
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 6-Establishment of Fund for Benefit Victims.pdf54154
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 7-Procedure for Nomination Election Members.pdf44154
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 8-Provisional Arrangements Secretariat ASP.pdf33573
2002-09-09, ICC-ASP-1-Res 9-Permanent Secretariat of ASP.pdf31065
2003-04-21, ICC-ASP-1-Res 16-Commencement of Functions by Committee Budget.pdf32696
2003-09-11, ICC-ASP-2-Res 8-Recognition Coordinating Facilitating Role NGO Coalition ICC.pdf40826
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 1-Programme Budget for 2004.pdf56026
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 1-Staff Regulations.pdf209640
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 3-Establishment of Permanent Secretariat of ASP.pdf75514
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 4-Travel and Subsistence Expenses.pdf35400
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 5-Term of Office Members Committee Budget.pdf27657
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 6-Establishment of Trust Fund for Participation.pdf32912
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 7-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf74250
2003-09-12, ICC-ASP-2-Res 8-Role of UN Establishment ICC.pdf34428
2004-09-07, ICC-ASP-3-Res 1-Negotiated Draft Relationship Agreement ICC UN.pdf167373
2004-09-09, ICC-ASP-3-Res 2-Amendment Rule 29 Rules Procedure ASP.pdf29672
2004-09-10, ICC-ASP-3-Res 3-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf226319
2004-09-10, ICC-ASP-3-Res 4-Programme Budget for 2005.pdf78450
2004-09-10, ICC-ASP-3-Res 5-Travel Members Committee Budget Finance.pdf28072
2004-09-10, ICC-ASP-3-Res 6-Procedure for Nomination Election Judges.pdf90042
2004-09-10, ICC-ASP-3-Res 7-Establishment Secretariat Trust Fund Victims.pdf43348
2004-09-10, ICC-ASP-3-Res 8-Intensifying Dialogue Bwtn ASP and ICC.pdf33762
2005-12-02, ICC-ASP-4-Res 1-Code of Professional Conduct Counsel.pdf291649
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 10-Amendments to Financial Regulations and Rules.pdf40209
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 11-Transfer Funds From Major Programme III.pdf33217
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 2-Permanent Premises.pdf42793
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 3-Regulations Trust Fund Victims.pdf231077
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 4-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf234196
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 5-Procedure Filling Vacancies Board Directors.pdf32392
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 6-Procedure Filling Vacancies Committee Budget.pdf31065
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 7-Amendment re Term of Office Members Board.pdf30949
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 8-Programme Budget 2006.pdf51177
2005-12-03, ICC-ASP-4-Res 9-Pension Scheme for Judges.pdf38520
2006-01-27, ICC-ASP-4-Res 12-Interim Premises.pdf31554
2006-02-01, ICC-ASP-5-Res 5-Procedure Nomination Election Judges Pros.pdf14159
2006-12-01, ICC-ASP-5-Res 1-Permanent Premises.pdf42836
2006-12-01, ICC-ASP-5-Res 2-Strategic Planning Process of the Court.pdf18943
2006-12-01, ICC-ASP-5-Res 3-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf706503
2006-12-01, ICC-ASP-5-Res 4-Programme Budget for 2007.pdf32988
2007-02-01, ICC-ASP-5-Res 6-Conditions of Service and Compensation Judges.pdf15301
2007-12-14, ICC-ASP-6-Res 1-Permanent Premises.pdf268220
2007-12-14, ICC-ASP-6-Res 2-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf492178
2007-12-14, ICC-ASP-6-Res 3-Amendment Regulations Trust Fund for Victims.pdf13596
2007-12-14, ICC-ASP-6-Res 4-Programme Budget for 2008.pdf33017
2007-12-14, ICC-ASP-6-Res 5-Amendments to Financial Regulations Rules.pdf17930
2007-12-14, ICC-ASP-6-Res 6-Amendments to Pension Scheme Regulations.pdf53403
2008-06-06, ICC-ASP-6-Res 7-Funding Disability Pension Former Judge.pdf25566
2008-06-06, ICC-ASP-6-Res 8-Review Conference.pdf22235
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 1-Permanent Premises.pdf201891
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 2-Venue of the Review Conference.pdf32010
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 3-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf183739
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 4-Programme Budget for 2009.pdf63761
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 5-Amendment to Financial Regulations Rules.pdf16926
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 6-Amendment Rules of Procedure ASP.pdf17430
2008-11-21, ICC-ASP-7-Res 6-Amendment Rules of Procedure Committee Budget.pdf17532
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 1-Establishment Independent Oversight Mechanism.pdf81954
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 2-Cooperation.pdf57822
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 3-Strengthening ICC and ASP.pdf160644
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 4-Family Visits for Indigent Detainees.pdf49737
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 5-Permanent Premises.pdf132249
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 6-Review Conference.pdf123758
2009-11-26, ICC-ASP-8-Res 7-Programme Budget for 2010.pdf56791
2010-03-18, ICC-ASP-9 CBF Report Measures to Increase Clarity.pdf266255
2010-03-25, ICC-ASP-8-Res 8-One-time Payments for Permanent Premises.pdf21849
2010-03-25, ICC-ASP-8-Res 8-Review Conference.pdf440001
2010-06-08, ICC-ASP-9-Res 1-Complementarity.pdf26276
2010-06-08, ICC-ASP-9-Res 2-Impact Rome Statute System on Victims.pdf32144
2010-06-08, ICC-ASP-9-Res 3-Strengthening Enforcement Sentences.pdf18164
2010-06-11, ICC-ASP-9-Res 4-The Crime of Aggression.pdf94288

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