WCRO and the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law January Term Exchange Program

In January 2005, the War Crimes Research Office (WCRO) launched the University of Ottawa January Term Exchange Program in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Each year one University of Ottawa law student is selected to spend the university’s January academic term in Washington, D.C., gaining practical experience in international criminal law by conducting, under WCRO supervision, intensive research and writing on legal research projects for WCRO client institutions.

Students selected for the January Term Exchange Program will have an opportunity not only to learn about international criminal and humanitarian law and how international criminal courts and tribunals operate, but also to use their skills in a practical and meaningful way. In turn, students will contribute to the WCRO’s efforts to promote the effective operation of the International Criminal Court, the Special Court for Sierra Leone and other international tribunals by helping them build a sound jurisprudential basis.

Alison Mitchell, the first student to participate in this program, remarked that her experience working with the WCRO was “a fantastic opportunity to develop the skill of researching international criminal law issues. It was also a terrific way for me to apply my existing knowledge of international humanitarian law in a practical way.”

Interested students should have a background and demonstrated interest in international law, particularly international criminal, humanitarian, and human rights law.

Past Exchange Program Participants:

    • 2010 - Juliette Yip
    • 2009 - Patricia Kheirallah
    • 2008 - Natalie Senst
    • 2007 - Mary Mitsios
    • 2006 - Mélanie Masse
    • 2005 - Alison Mitchell