Links: Institutes & Academic Sites

Disclaimer: The War Crimes Research Office takes no responsibility for the content of the selected sites, nor does inclusion of selected sites imply endorsement of the views presented in those sites.

Avalon Project: The International Military Tribunal for Germany, Yale University
Yale collection of trial documents, motions, conventions, rules of procedure, indictments, and all other memoranda and documents associated with the Nuremberg Trials.

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota
Virtual Museum of Holocaust and Genocide Art, histories, narratives, documents, educational resources, links.

Holocaust/Genocide Links, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota
Extensive links.

Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley
Center conducts interdisciplinary research on emerging issues in international human rights and humanitarian law. Research focuses on war crimes, justice and postwar reconstruction, health and human rights, and refugees.

Institute for Human Rights, Abo/Turku Akademi University

Institute for War & Peace Reporting
Strengthening local journalism in areas of conflict. News, reports, investigations, and training programs.

International Institute for Humanitarian Law, San Remo/Geneva

International War Crimes Project, New England School of Law
Links to resources on trials of war criminals. The site has full texts of war crimes charters, statutes, trial transcripts, amicus curiae briefs, decisions, etc.

Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland

Jean-Pictet Competition
International law school moot court competition on humanitarian law.

Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law
Research, publications, public access catalog, library, etc.

Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (SIM), Utrecht University

New York University Law Library
Online library of foreign and international legal databases and links.

Public International Law Database, University of Western Australia
Over 900 links concerning public international law, including armed conflict, treaty collections, war and peace, international courts, human rights, etc.

Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Sweden
Lund University’s academic institution on human rights and humanitarian law.

University Centre for International Humanitarian Law (UCIHL), Geneva

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Links to more than 10,400 human rights documents and materials and vast links to NGO’s, IGO’s, research centers, treaty databases, and various fields within human rights and humanitarian law.

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity Treaty Links, University of Minnesota
Database of conventions and other documents relating to war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and terrorism, including rules of procedure and evidence for various international courts and tribunals.

War Crimes Studies Center, UC Berkeley
Center houses an archive of World War II war crimes trials and others materials relating to subsequent international and national war crimes tribunals.

Web Genocide Documentation Centre, University of the West of England
Resources on genocide, war crimes, and mass killing.

Yale University Genocide Studies Program
Links to Yale’s East Timor, Cambodia, and Rwanda genocide projects.
  • Cambodia Genocide Program and Database, Yale University
    Cambodian genocide databases containing primary and secondary documents, articles and books; databases on military, political leaders, and victims of the Khmer Rouge regime; a large photographic database; and a geographic database of interactive maps, as well as maps showing locations of mass graves, prisons, and memorials.

  • Rwandan Genocide Project, Yale University

  • East Timor Genocide Project, Yale University