Lessons Learned: Start-up Phase of Extraordinary Chambers for Prosecution under Cambodian Law of Crimes Committed during the Khmer Rouge Period (EC)

This project was funded by the Open Society Institute and produced in collaboration with Open Society Justice Initiative.

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Executive Summary
July 2003
Presented by the Working Group on the Extraordinary Chambers and the Open Society Justice Initiative:

  • Establish advisory committee and information sharing mechanism.
  • Identify early-on the highest quality personnel for core staff.
  • Conduct substantial research on key political actors and dynamics within Cambodia.
  • Work with existing partners on the ground to design and execute a national outreach strategy.
  • Establish temporary office in NY.
  • Establish start-up pool of flexible funds.
  • Develop draft MOUs with states regarding access to information and witnesses.
  • Establish EC monitoring process.

Open Society Justice Initiative Mission Statement
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