Links: Cambodia

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Asia Observer
Links to Asian news, newspapers, websites, and other Asian resources.

Cambodia Genocide Program and Database, Yale University
Cambodian genocide databases containing primary and secondary documents, articles and books; databases on military, political leaders, and victims of the Khemer Rouge regime; a large photographic database; and a geographic database of interactive maps, as well as maps showing locations of mass graves, prisons, and memorials.

Cambodia Government Online
Internet homepage of the country’s government.

National Archives of Cambodia
Preserves documents created by the government of Cambodia, including records of the French colonial administration and post-independence Cambodian governments.

UN Peacekeeping Operations Homepage
Links to information on UN peacekeeping operations, past/present operations, publications, etc., including two past operations in Cambodia.

War Criminal Watch—Coalition for International Justice
Organization that tracks international justice efforts in the Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Cambodia, East Timor, and Sierra Leone.