International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: Chronology

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12 December 2002: Krnojelac is granted a 5-day provisional release for family-medical reasons.

12 December 2002: Kunarac is transferred to Germany to serve the remainder of his sentence of 28 years' imprisonment (Kunarac et al. case).

11 December 2002: In its Decision on Interlocutory Appeal, the Appeals Chamber allows the appeal by Jonathan Randal (Brdjanin and Talic case) and articulates a qualified privilege for war correspondents.

11 December 2002: In the Milosevic case, the Trial Chamber orders amicus curiae McCormack to prepare written submissions by March 31, 2003, addressing self-defense as it came up in the Kosovo part of the case, and the applicable law, history and development of self-defense in ICL; the amicus curiae is also to present his conclusions as to the current status of self-defense under customary and conventional international law.

29 November 2002: Trial Chamber delivers its judgment in Vasiljevic case, finding him guilty of persecution as a crime against humanity and murder as a violation of the laws or customs of war. Vasiljevic is sentenced to 20 years� imprisonment.

28 November 2002: Kovac and Vukavic (Kunarac et al. case) are transferred to Norway to serve the remainder of their sentences.

25 November 2002: The proceedings against Krajisnik and Plavsic are being severed.

22 November 2002: Australian lawyer Timothy McCormack is appointed amicus curiae in the Milosevic trial with the specific task to address issues of international law.

21 November 2002: Trial Chamber vacates the contempt of court finding against protected witness K12 (Milosevic case).

21 November 2002: Arguments before the Appeals Chamber on the request for a retrial because of new evidence in the Blaskic case.

8 November 2002: Order Granting Leave to File an Amended indictment in the case against Ratko Mladic; the Amended Indictment contains 15 charges including one count of genocide and one count of complicity in genocide.

28-31 October 2002: Closing arguments in the Naletilic and Martinovic case.

28-29 October 2002: ICTY President Jorda and Chief Prosecutor del Ponte present the ICTY�s Annual Report to the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

23 October 2002: ICTY President Jorda sends a letter to the President of the UN Security Council, reporting on the �failure of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to comply with its obligations to co-operate with the International Tribunal in accordance with Article 29 of the Statute.�

21 October 2002: Indictments are unsealed in the Drago Nikolic case (IT-02-63), the Vujadin Popovic case (IT-02-57), and the Ljubisa Beara case (IT-02-58) for their alleged crimes which include genocide, and their participation in a joint criminal enterprise after the fall of Srebrenica.

18 October 2002: Trial Chamber again dismisses Krajisnik�s request for provisional release.

17 October 2002: Milan Simic, who pleaded guilty to two counts of torture as crimes against humanity, is sentenced to five years' imprisonment, with credit for time already served in detention (835 days).

11 October 2002: Unsealing of the Amended indictment against Radovan Karadzic.

10 October 2002: Concluding that Mr. Wladimiroff's statements in the press, "even with the explanations accepted, raise serious questions about the appropriateness of his continuing as amicus curiae," the Trial Chamber instructs the Registrar to revoke Mr. Wladimiroff's appointment as amicus curiae (Milosevic case).

9 October 2002: Oral decision by Trial Chamber on Rule 98 bis motions in Simic et al. case; the Court enters a judgment of Acquittal only on certain specific incidents but dismisses the rest.

9 October 2002: Trial Chamber denies Nicolic's motion that claimed illegal arrest.

9 October 2002: Mrksic's appeal of the Trial Chamber's denial of provisional release fails before the Appeals Chamber.

7 October 2002: Defense case starts in Galic case.

4 October 2002: Trial Chamber grants the Prosecution's request in part in that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is formally requested to order its national courts to defer five particular cases to the ICTY.

3 October 2002: Appeals Chamber returns the decision on Blagojevic and Obrenovic's request for provisional release to the Trial Chamber for reconsideration.

3 October 2002: The motion for acquittal of Stanislav Galic is partially granted. The Trial Chamber grants the motion with respect to three specific sniping incidents.

3 October 2002: Indictment and arrest warrant of Zoran Marinic are withdrawn; the Prosecution is ordered to transmit all information in this case to the competent national authorities.

3 October 2002: Appeals hearing regarding Jonathan Randal and the issue whether a journalist can be forced to testify before the ICTY (Brdjanin and Talic case).

2 October 2002: Biljana Plavsic, former Bosnian Serb President, changes her not-guilty plea and pleads guilty to one count of persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds as a crime against humanity. The Prosecution drops all other charges. It is stated that no further agreements have been made as to a sentencing range or her testifying in other cases before the ICTY.

30 September 2002: Extraordinary plenary session of judges to discuss, inter alia, the referral of certain cases to national courts.

27 September 2002: Unsealing of the indictment against Ljubomir Borovcanin, who is charged with complicity in genocide, crimes against humanity and violations of the laws or customs of war.

26 September 2002: Start of the Croatia and Bosnia parts in the Milosevic case.

20 September 2002: Indictment against General Bobetko is unsealed.

20 September 2002: Momir Talic is granted provisional release while his trial is ongoing, given his health (Brdjanin and Talic case).

17 September 2002: Decision to join Meakic et al. case and Banovic et al. case. The new case name and number is Meakic et al., Fustar et al. (IT-02-65).

11 September 2002: Prosecution concludes the Kosovo part in the Milosevic case; the trial resumes on September 26, with presentation of evidence on the Croatia and Bosnia parts.

11 September 2002: Appeals Chamber denies Kvocka's request for provisional release.

30 July 2002: Appeals Chamber dismisses Tadic's Motion for Review of his entire case.

30 July 2002: ICTY President grants the request for early release by Kos (Kvocka case). Kos had earlier withdrawn his appeal from the November 2001 Trial Chamber judgment.

26 July 2002: Trial Chamber orders the withdrawal of the indictment against Milan Zec (Strugar et al. case), because of present insufficient evidence to maintain the charges.

24 July 2002: Trial Chamber denies Mrksic's Motion for Provisional Release (Mrksic case).

22 July 2002: Sentencing hearing in Milan Simic case, who pleaded guilty to two counts of torture and whose case was formally severed from the Simic et al. case on May 28, 2002.

22 July 2002: Obrenovic and Blagojevic (Obrenovic et al. case) are denied provisional release.

20 July 2002: Momcilo Gruban is granted provisional release (Meakic et al. case).

12 July 2002: In the Stakic case, the Trial Chamber rules that the Prosecution must conclude its case by September 20, 2002.

11-12 July 2002: Plenary session of judges, who amended, inter alia, Rule 44 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence re a defense counsel association and the Code of Professional Conduct for Counsel Appearing before the International Tribunal.

10 July 2002: Following his transfer to the UN Detention Unit in The Hague on July 8, Miroslav Deronjic pleads not guilty to all charges.

8 July 2002: Decision by Registrar to withdraw assigned counsel to Zigic (Kvocka et al. case), and to discontinue the provision of legal aid to him.

2 July 2002: In the Stakic case, the Trial Chamber rules that the Prosecution must conclude its case by September 20, 2002.

1 July 2002: Provisional release hearing Ljubicic.

26 June 2002: Trial Chamber grants provisional release to Ojdanic and Sainovic but at the same time stays the release pending an appeal by the Prosecution.

26 June 2002: Trial Chamber orders a medical examination of Milosevic (with the report due by July 17, 2002), and adds two more weeks (8/26-9/6) to hear the Prosecution's case on Kosovo.

24 June 2002: Witness K12 contempt hearing takes place in closed session (Milosevic case).

20 June 2002: During his initial appearance, Ranko Cesic pleads not guilty to all charges against him (crimes against humanity and violations of the laws or customs of war).

18 June 2002: In the Milosevic case, the Trial Chambers orders an immediate stop to violations of protective measures for witnesses, confirming that publicizing identifying information of protected witnesses may lead to contempt of the tribunal.

18 June 2002: Oral arguments before Appeals Chamber in Celebici case re sentencing.

17 June 2002: During his initial appearance, Darko Mrdja pleads not guilty to all charges.

14 June 2002: Status conference in Kordic and Cerkez case.

13 June 2002: Darko Mrdja is arrested and transferred to the Detention Unit in The Hague the following day. His initial appearance will be Monday, June 17.

12 June 2002: Appeals Chamber delivers its judgment in Kunarac et al. (Foca) case, rejecting all grounds of appeal and affirming the sentences ranging between 12-28 years of imprisonment.

7 June 2002: Trial Chamber dismisses the Motion to Set Aside Confidential Subpoena to Give Evidence, obliging a former Washington Post journalist to testify in the Brdjanin and Talic case.

4 June 2002: Upon refusing to testify for a second day in the Milosevic case, protected Witness K12 is found in contempt. The court directs the OTP to initiate contempt proceedings.

3 June 2002: Status conference in Blaskic case.

31 May 2002: Status conference in Krajisnik/Plavsic case.

30 May 2002: ICTY President Jorda rejects Mucic's request for immediate release (Celebici case).

28 May 2002: Appeals Chamber grants Dragan Jokic provisional release, subject to specific terms and conditions.

27 May 2002: Amended Joinder Indictment is filed in Blagojevic et al. case.

24 May 2002: During his initial appearance, Knezevic pleads not guilty to all charges.

21 May 2002: Milojica Kos (Kvocka et al. case) confirms his withdrawal of appeal from 11/2/2001 Trial Chamber judgment.

21 May 2002: During his initial appearance, Milan Martic pleads not guilty to all counts in the indictment.

18 May 2002: Dusan Knezevic surrenders and is transferred to the UN Detention Unit in The Hague.

17 May 2002: Blagojevic/Obrenovic/Jokic case is joined with case of Momir Nikolic. New joined case number is IT-02-60.

17 May 2002: Security Council amends Article 12 of the ICTY Statute, adding a new paragraph 4 dealing with dual nationalities of judges (SC Res. 1411).