Newman Prize

The David B. Newman and Kathryn R. Newman Prize for Trial Advocacy was established in 1995. The first recipient was chosen in the 1996-1997 academic year. The selected recipients of this prize are as follows:


2010-11 Stacy King
2011-12 Ellis Palividas
2012-13 Kyle O'Grady
2013-14 Adam Michel
Christin Mitchell

Sam Escher
Desiree Hanssen
Kara Simmons


2000-01 Terry Goddard
2001-02 John Paul Wheatcroft
2002-03 Kristina Yee
2003-04 Tara Kelly
2004-05 Colin Bell
2005-06 Kevin Christy
Larken Kade
Scott Rempell
2007-08 Kelson Castain
Sean Moran
Julie Finocchiaro
Michael Visconti
2008-09 Robert C. Powers
2009-10 Terrence Fogarty
Kevin Oakes
Jason Yampolsky


1996-97 Roy Katriel
1997-98 Mina Malik
1998-99 Greta Hinkle
1999-00 Elizabeth McElroy